oh, Paris

Thanks to all european saints we had a short break before winter holidays at the beginning of November. When America celebrates Halloween and frightens neigbors with pumpkin monsters, europeans have rich meal with their families and visit cemeteries. Although we did neither first nor the second. For the weekend of Toussaint we went to Paris. Yes, I know, November in Paris is not the best time for slow walking along les Grands boulevards, enjoying a cup of espresso or café au lait on an open terrace somewhere in jardin de Luxembourg area. However the weekend was not so bad, not at all. Indeed, I had a really great weekend.
The Oriental Express Car
 The 7 o’clock TGV train brought us to the Gare de l’East at 9 in the morning. The Oriental Express train was the very first, what I’d seen on the platform. Nowadays the train goes London-Venice only. The long journey to Istanbul is over. Anyway, I’d like to spent three days in train where you have to put on a festive evening gown to show yourself for the dinner.
First Parisian coffee after one-year break
B&W Marais district
Rue Rivoli
Red October flags
Alenka a la francaise
The Pyramid of Louvre

It was another funny story about Le Louvre. This time we tried to visit the museum three times. Honestly, we did do that three times! Three times we came to the pyramid to discover the long line of people as eager as we were to come in and have a brief look on Mona Liza and Venus. Well, all three attempts were successfully failed. Next time. Again next time. Another reason to come back in the nearest future.

The Arcs

Pink street art
Palais des Champs Elysees. Welcome, Mr President
Macro micro chili pepper
Le chef
Le sommelier
Small talks
Palais des congrès. 5 minutes before the performance starts
Since a long time my schedule in Paris consists of restaurants, bars, small walks in a city center around  Île de la Cité and meeting friends. It’s been ages since I had something cultural or went to a museum last time. Thus you can imagine how eager I was to go to ballet performance in palais des congres. It was Nutcracker of Chaikovsky by The Saint-Petersburg ballet theater. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by the performance at all. The music was great. Though what else can we expect from Chaikovsky? But the dance itself and the performance direction was really poor. I still believe that the best ballet in the world is Bolshoy and you can’t do anything with this fact.
Final applause
A piece of Asia in Paris busy life

I’d never been in this cafe in a mosque before. And I can say that it is a cute place to have a cap of turkish tea and a plate full of various delights. Time flies at this place while you enjoy birds’ twitter and splashes of a fountain. I strongly recommend this place especially if you have a bit of time in the city.
Address: 39 Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Paris, Île-de-France 75005
Web: http://www.mosquee-de-paris.org/
But don’t stop for a dinner or lunch here! This place is full of tourists so you will never get a good meal.  Short break for a tea is enough. Don’t expect something more from this place.



The Mexican Hothouse (1834-36), an early example of French glass and metal architecture.

The next stop was the Jardin des plants. I like this place especially for its size and various small and hidden paths. There are four galleruies of the museums, which create an ensemble of the Jardin des Plantes: the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, the Mineralogy Museum, the Paleontology Museum and the Entomology Museum. In addition to the gardens there is also a small zoo, so if you are traveling with children this address is must.

The Jardin des Plantes maintains a botanical school, which trains botanists, constructs demonstration gardens, and exchanges seeds to maintain biotic diversity. About 4500 plants are arranged by family on a one hectare (10,000 m²) plot. Three hectares are devoted to horticultural displays of decorative plants. An Alpine garden has 3000 species with world-wide representation. Specialized buildings, such as a large Art Deco winter garden, and Mexican and Australian hothouses display regional plants, not native to France. The Rose Garden, created in 1990, has hundreds of species of roses and rose trees.

The oldest tree in France
For lunch we got french our flies wrapped in a Russian newspaper. Hello, Motherland
Inside the cafe
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