Let’s do sport !

After one and a half year of living in Luxembourg I have discovered a swimming pool. No, not because all swimming pools are hidden in a forest or catacombs. The reason, as usual, in human laziness and wrong prejudgement: I had no company to go, I didn’t know what should I take with me and, finally, I continued to believe that I would be able to go to the swimming pool at the office of  T. One more time – manage your fortune by yourself. Proved!

To make the long story short, at the end of January I decided to start new sport life (again 😉 ). I’m fully satisfied with the results: 45 minutes (800 m) swimming in a pool, 6 km of jogging plus walks with music, walks with a stroller and walks with girlfriends. My sporty inner man is happy and dancing samba while my muscles prove that they exist.

I’m gonna tell you a secret: couple weeks ago I enrolled to a night marathon which would take place in June. Am I crazy? Ok, ok. It’s a semi-marathon, which means I need to run just 21,095 m. Just. Hm. For now I can easily run 6 km. I hope that in 3 months I will not be the last one 🙂

ING Night Marathon: http://www.ing-night-marathon.lu/index.php?id=989

We start at 19h and will have 3 hours to finish. I do hope 3 hours will be enough! Anyway,  this marathon is a good challenge and test of my physical and mental health.

I decided to take it seriously. Thus I’ve downloaded several useful apps and now each my step is recorded, analyzed and corrected if necessary. Live is much easier when you have right technology backing you.

Here are my assistants:

5K Coach Pro: with the help of this app jogging will be pleasure but not the tiring and exhausting execution. You will be able to run 5 km in 9 weeks if you follow recommended schedule: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/5k-coach/id381331209?mt=8

Sports Tracker: an app which records your sport activities from walking to climbing, hiking or biking: http://www.sports-tracker.com/

Water Balance: nice app to calculate your daily water consumption. 3 cups of coffee and you will never get good result. https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/waterbalance/id517657679?mt=8

Good luck with your sporty healthy life!