Cloud presentation

Last Friday it was the first time I saw presentation which was done based on cloud technology. And that was awesome! No standard power point slides, no boring charts and bullet points, no unreadable long texts and inappropriate animation. That was the end of the presentation as we all familiar with.

Just after the presentation was done I asked the speaker about the format and the program which allowed to make such interesting and innovative presentation. So now I’m happy to share that with you.

The name of the service is Prezi: This is on-line based service where you can create your own presentation and show it anywhere and anytime.

You will need to create your account and choose the package: Public (free of charge); Enjoy (59$ per year) and Pro (159$ per year).

You may choose templates, you may add your charts, data, bullets, videos and photos in the sequence you want. When it is time to present all you need is internet connection. I’m sure that your audience will be listening to you attentively.

Good luck in making new and fresh presentations!