Feminine post

Happy Women’s day, my beautiful ladies!


In the eve of Women’s day I took a part in a conference «Les différences, sources d’innovation» organized by Femmesleaders (http://femmesleaders.eu/ ).  I did’t expect anything special besides usual talks about women’s rights and all this feminist stuff. However, I was surprised by the speech and listened to the speaker with a great attention and pleasure.

As a guest speaker we had an anthropologist from Sorbone, Abdu Gnaba. A topic about Male-Female relationships is not easy at all, especially when your audience consists of women only. This guy was able to avoid cliches and talk about feminine stuff with good sense of humor. Here I’d like to highlight main ideas I’ve learnt from his speech:

– Men and women are different. This is natural. We, as human beings, can’t do anything with that;

– Feminists tells that a woman has to release an inner man. He says a woman’s power is in a feminine component in all of us and instead of looking for a man we need to release a true woman;

– There are cliches in our society about a woman: Marilyn Monroe and Virgin Mary. And nothing  in between. The society tells us how to behave and we follow those rules. Actually, women are keepers of those rules and traditions: “if you behave bad I will tell your father!”;

– If you want situation to be changed start with yourself.

Once again, happy Women’s day! We are strong in our femininity. So why not to use it?!