I’m a bibliophile. Proved

Since I had learnt the alphabet books became my passion. Forever. At the beginning I read books for kids and teens. When all of them had been read two or more times I switched to bookshelves with books for adults. By the time I turned 14 there was no single book in my parents apartment which I hadn’t read.

At 30s Im still crazy about reading. Any written text in Russian, English or French can paralyze me until I finish the very last sentence. I always have a long list to read and the list is endless.

At the uni we got a pile of book on different topics somehow related to entrepreneurship and innovation. All of them “must read”. At the same time my personal wish list is getting longer and longer. What should I choose?! I wish I were able to read books as a beautiful alien from My Stepmother Is An Alien!

Must read from the Uni list

My personal wish list for next couple months