Luxembourg for coffee lovers

The summer is definitely over. It is hard to say that there is a season called “summer” in Luxembourg. Although, those 20 days we enjoyed sun and enormous heat in June are already too much for Luxembourg  so we should thank the Nature for such generous gift.

Anyway, it is November on a calendar and we may say good bye to walk-n-talk activities, picnics and summer terraces. There is a good point in winter, too – we may get together in a cozy cafe and bars, enjoy our latte, lait russe or a big cup of cappuccino with cinnamon and chocolate.

After Moscow with its elaborated coffee cocktails, numerous coffee shops and wide selection of coffee drinks for any taste it is hard to find places where coffee good enough to enjoy its presentation and the taste at the same time.

Needed to say that in Luxembourg you may find untypical names in the menu which may puzzle the visitor. Here are some tips:


If you ask for cappuccino in most cases you will get regular coffee with whipped cream. It is called French Cappuccino or Cappuccino français.

If you tend to stay on a classic path you should order Italian Cappuccino (Cappuccino italian).

Latte or Lait Russe

Most of the waiters after your order will repeat “latte ??”. I do not know why but in Luxembourg Latte is called “Lait russe”, or “Russian milk”. I am a bit proud of that, honestly. However, nobody in Russia knows that the drink with such a name exist in the world.

Café gourmand

For the first time I tried it in Luxembourg. Since then I always try to get it in restaurants for my desert. Wiki tells us following:

The first “café gourmand” is believed to have appeared in restaurants in Paris around 2005.

It is a step further in a general trend, in France, to have lunches in restaurants that are quicker than in the past. Back in the 20th century it was common as a minimum to have a starter, then a main course, then a plate of cheese, then a dessert, then a cup of coffee, and then a digestif. Then the starter ceased to be accepted norm, and the plate of cheese became scarce, and the digestif disappeared. The “cafe gourmand” represents a future step, as ordering the dessert and the coffee in one go gains time, avoiding the need to have to call the waiter over to order.

Apart from the gain of time, the “café gourmand” has other advantages:

– It gives the opportunity to eat several different desserts in one go, without feeling guilty for the calories as the quantity of each dessert is supposed to be tiny.

– It allows to sweeten the bitterness of the coffee, by going back & forth between the desserts and the cup of coffee.

– It creates a feeling of mystery and surprise, as the names of the mini-desserts are not indicated on the menu, so that the customer does not know what they will get beforehand.

While there is no requirement for the composition of a “café gourmand”, the desserts most commonly included are chocolate mousse, apple pie, ice cream and creme brulee.

Usually they serve espresso together with the dessert. However you may order any type of coffee or even tea.


What I really miss is the coffee cocktails like Macciato, Cortado, Coffee a la Tai with ice and condensed milk, Vienna caffee with an ice-cream, Irish, Creol and other coffee cocktails with alcohol. I cannot say, that they are not exist in the menu. Contrary, in some restaurants you may get either Irish or Vienna coffee. What I am trying to say is that the menu in coffee shops and cafes is pretty small and offers limited selection of coffee.

anyway, after many tries, faults and mistakes I have created a list of places which I may advise to my friends to go to:

Chocolate House

20 rue du Marche-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg City 1728, Luxembourg

Situated just in front of the Duke palace this coffee house is always full. Not only the view attracts people to come inside. The concept of chocolate cubes with different flavor, huge cakes and friendly ambiance make the house popular both among tourists and locals.


12 Rue Chimay L-1333 Luxembourg

Pretty big and always full of people cafe-bar-restaurant. Local cappuccino has thick foam and well-balanced taste. It is worth to taste their bagels and burgers, served together with salad or French fries.

Open Monday-Tuesday 9:00-22:00, Wednesday-Saturday  9:00-01:00, Sunday 14:00-19:00.

Konrad Cafe

7 Rue du Nord, Luxembourg City 2229, Luxembourg

English cafe with international ambiance. Nice place to go with girlfriends to chit-chat or enjoy the Sunday morning inside warm and cozy coffee house. Pretty popular thus sometimes need to stay and wait the table. Several times a week they have stand-up comedy show which worth to visit !

Golden Bean

23 rue Chimay, L-1333, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Recently open and managed by two friends, this small cafe in the city center offers home made cookies, cakes and sandwiches and, of course, good coffee and coffee drinks both on place or take away.


Probably the best coffee in the city.

11, Avenue de la Porte Neuve, L-2227 Luxembourg


Nespresso shop

21, Rue Louvigny L-1946 Luxembourg

It is not a coffee house, just a store of a famous coffee. Although, as my colleague does from time to time, you may come in to the store and, if you want to try a new sort of coffee the shop girls will serve it to you with pleasure.



ALuxembourgish bakery serving decent coffee and coffee cocktails and more than excellent desserts. Several restaurants / stores located around the city


3 rue Monterey, Luxembourg City 2163, Luxembourg

A bakery with good breakfasts, brunches and coffee to come and read your pocket book while waiting for the end of the shower outside.

If you have not selected yet your favorite coffee drink here is the infograph to help:

All pictures in this post have been copied from open internet sources.