One day in December

Despite the fact that December is the first winter month the winter has lost its way to Luxembourg this year. It is already mid of January but we still put on autumn coats and light boots as the temperature beats all the records and shows positive figures all day round.

In one of this especially gloomy and annoyingly quiet weekends I put my camera in my handbag and went out for a small promenade with the little one. The little one soon fell asleep that let me look around and make some photo shoots.

There is a special charme in these foggy parks and wet paths between old oaks and pine trees. I always imagine myself as a character of a Charles Perrault who has lost in a magic forest.

Last berries

Parks are absolutely empty. Especially on weekends

It is raining all the time. Compare to Luxembourg London is a capital of Sun


A group of teens is looking for an adventure

Suddenly a bright spot

Exploration of a park’s hidden spots

Back to the city