Good morning !

Can a morning in a middle of the winter be good ? Of course !

With a cup of coffee which warms your hands, breeze of fresh air and understanding that you are granted with sixteen hours which you can not collect or put on a deposit and it is only you who decides whether they are going to be just an ordinary Thursday or a lovely day full of pleasure, discover and adventure.

8 a.m. My day is about to begin

I have read somewhere recently about a lady who is a top manager at one of a production plant in Latin America. Every day she has to cope with millions of issues and deal with male subordinates. Her secret to become a successful manager, mum and wife is to highlight at the end of the day ten topics or situations which made her learn something new.

I believe it is great idea to take yourself out of the routine, step back and review what has been done so far as well as reflect on your skills, wishes and dreams. Definitely my professors at Togliatti Academy of Management were absolutely right making us to remember three basic principles of a manager: Fitness, Reflection and Schematization!