Healthy addiction ?

It is already two years since I have been in love. In love with jogging. My way to mid- and long-distance run was not easy and fast. I did some attempt to do jogging in the morning when I was 17. Although it ended up with walking in the forest and collecting first spring flowers. Next time I tried to do regular sport when I was a student, right after several failed fitness exams. That time I did jogging in the evening, at 21-22h, and it was real success. I do remember that this period of my jogging life had been lasting for 3 years until I moved to Moscow. Absence of parks in nearby vicinity, busy- no, very busy – working schedule eliminated jogging from my life almost for 8 years.

I love to do jogging when it is fresh and chilly

Two years ago I re-discovered the jogging. I am not a big fun of sport centers where hundreds of people are working on their muscles, sweating all in one room without fresh air and sun. Thus jogging in a pollution-free Luxembourg city was my solution.

Nowadays I may say that I am addict to jogging. A week without run makes me sad and frustrated. To make regular exercises and do jogging is a part of my new year resolution. I believe, the year has already started in a positive way!