5 minutes for Paris

Paris is always beautiful. It is does not matter if you come for a week and have plenty of time  or it is just a quick five minutes break for a coffee in between your flights. There is something in the air of this city which makes me smile to unknown people. Probably the answer is the Parisian sky which is always high and big. Anyway, this time I came to Paris for one day only. I had to collect my passport as stupidly enough I had not applied for a post delivery. Therefore I had to take a train at 6 a.m. and return by 6 p.m.

Lait Russe from Oberweise, morning news and I am ready to go!

I finished my business relatively fast so I had plenty of time. In Paris I already have my favorite places and hidden courtyards, not so popular cafe and book shops, tiny shops and side streets just few meters away from rue Rivoli thus absolutely empty. This time I took off the metro just few stations before Louvre, at Les Champs Elysees and walked via place Concorde to the jardin des Tuileries. At that early hours of Friday the gardens were empty, only few joggers and old ladies with small puppies passed me by.

Pure calmness

I headed my steps to Louvre as at 10 in the morning I had a chance to enjoy the art but not tourists trying to get closer to Mona Lisa. I did not go to check La Joconde or Venus de Milo the most popular objects of art of the Louvre. I had only couple hours and I wanted to enjoy only one particular period – the painting of Dutch, Belgium, German and French artists between 1400 and 1800s.

Somehow there was a room with Impressionists so I stucked there for a long time

This exposition was located on 2d floor of the museum and the rooms were almost empty. Besides several school groups and lonely painters who were coping masterpieces I met nobody.


I wish I had my art classes in museums like the Louvre when I used to study fine arts at school

The room of big paintings

The view from the 2d floor is just incredible

A courtyard

Perfect geometry


You can see la tour Eiffel from any window in Paris

Contradictory entrance

It seemed that I spent the same time in the museum shop as in the museum itself. Although I am happy with the results: a book about life of Sezane, another book about Parisian street, their secrets and stories and another guide written by Parisians. I am book-addict! I still had some time before my train so I “checked in” in Marais quartier.

Center of the Modern Arts of Georges Pompidou

The coloreful fountain

Back to Luxembourg in a good company

A 30 minutes break in Metz I spent, surprise, in a book shop