As winter does not want to come to Luxembourg we will come to its home place. By the end of January we saw snow 1,5 times. This is a scandal and broken heart for people just like myself, who can not imagine winter without snowfalls, minus 20 outside, clear blue sky, bright sun, pink cheeks, long ski trips in the nearest forest and tasty hot tea with honey afterwards. 

Therefore, after two months of pessimistic forecasts and grey colour all day long outside my window we realised that winter had lost its way to this tiny county in the middle of Europe. Thus we booked a nice apartment in a village with a view on Mont Blanc, packed our stuff and ourselves in a car and at the end of January we headed to the Alps.

Sunny day, clouds on the top of mountains

Upon arrival I realised that the village was not so small. Contrary, it was a little town full of fashion stores, bars, restaurants, sport centres, night clubs and other après-ski and instead-of-ski activities. The ski domain itself was atop of the mounts and to get to the starting point we had to take a lift. Personally, I prefer ski resorts where you slide down directly to a cafe or restaurant, remove your skis, loosen your boots and take the nearest free seat on a terrace which allows you to relax under the winter sun, drink hot wine and examine the technic and the skills of skiers on slopes. 

A bar in a middle of the town with an open terrace, lounge music and hot wine

Even at night or early evening, when slopes are already closed, the ambience is much more cozy and sporty: you may see skiers and snowboarders here and there, they take their apero in the cafes close to slopes, they stuff their backpacks with bacon, cheese, bottles of wine or beer in a grocery store or wait for the last bus to go back home in the next village.  
Chamonix from this point of view looses some points as all the mountski- and snowboard life passes 1000m away from the town, up on the mount. 

Main street

However, Chamonix proposes much more vibrant and diverse apès-ski life, compare to small domains. Even if you are not fond of ski or snowboard there are million of activities to occupy you from the morning to the late in the night, and shopping is just a little speck in a long list. Trekking and hiking, ice skating, jogging, visiting numerous view points with a breathtaken view on Mont Blanc, spa and endless tasting of wine and local cuisine are among my favourites. 

Terrasses are empty, although inside all tables are busy

And of course, life does not stops here when slopes are cleaned from the snow. Chamonix is the main centre of alpinism and franckly speaking is much more busy during summer time than in the winter. I have already checked several trekking trails which are affordable with a child of 2,5 years old. It should be fun !

Nice decor to attract tourists

Say “Hello” to your friends in sun-free Luxembourg

Slopes start next to residence houses

Monument to an explorer

Off touristic roads

Lovely walking path

On a bank of a mountain river

Decoration of the facades – I definitely love the style

The church and the cinema just around the corner

A stadium with a perfect skating rink

Absolutely amazing graffiti on the wall. It shows the first person, who climbed on the top of Mont Blanc and his team

Welcoming sign at the entrance of a resto

Meeting point

Several tips for those who still consider there to go on holidays or for a long weekend.

Cap Horn, restaurant


Excellent cuisine, friendly stuff

Les Caves du Pele, a bar


In fact, this bar is a part of Cap Horn restaurant, so you may come here for a glass or two and then move upstairs for a dinner.

Les Cave du Pele

Micro Brasserie Chamonix – MBC


Canadian bar and the beer brasserie

Typical American bar with TexMex menu and excellent beer

Three different types of beer

Tea room, rue Joseph Vallot

Good selection of tea. Possibility to taste several flavor with the degusgtation menu

Le Paranomic Mont Blanc, restaurant

Address: Brévent,2525m top of the Brévent. Tel.: +33 (0)4 50 53 44 11

To get there  you will need to take the lift at the very top of the Brevent station. The view on Mont Blanc is amazing. Food is very good.

My bean soup with selection of cheese. Very difficult to finish as the portion is enormous

Local winter meal: sausages with red beans and green salad