Larochette castle and the walking tours in the region

Last summer we had wonderful and really summer weather. To stay in a city would be recognized as a dead sin. Therefore we spent all our free time exploring neighborhood. That hot Saturday in a mid of July we head our car to Larochette town. The town – or village is more appropriate name  – is famous for its castle and the walking tours in the nearby distance. The castle was built in 11th century, but was destroyed by fire at the end of the 16th century. Since its acquisition by the State of Luxembourg in 1979, some restoration work has been undertaken.

The wiki says following about the castle:

The earliest references to the castle are from the end of the 11th century and during the 12th century when the lords of Larochette were flag bearers for the counts of Luxembourg. The family proliferated leading to the construction of the five stately houses which are separate from the main structure. They include the Homburg Manor (1350) and the Créhange Manor (1385) both of which have now been restored. The Verlorenkost (literally Lost Food) watchtower also stands alone on the south side. The legend goes that the cook was carrying pots full of food when she stumbled, breaking everything.

The Créhange manor now contains period artwork. There is a well inside which also has its legend, telling how the lady of the castle jumped into the well with her child while the castle was under attack. After rescuing the brave woman, the invaders accused the steward of the castle of treason and threw him into the well. It is said that he reappears every Good Friday in the form of a dragon.

Useful links and info:

The web page of the tourist office and the castle: Larochette . At the link you may find information on the admition cost, open hours of the castle as well as download the maps for walking, biking, mountain biking, balooning and other activities in the area.

The castle is open to the public from Easter until the end of October, every day from 10 am to 6 pm

Association of castles in Luxembourg:

If you are fond of medieval castle and culture I would strongly recommned to visit this web page. You will find useful information on all castles in Luxembourg, open hours, events and reconstration of medieval events.

Perfect view on a castle from a trekking trail

The path goes through picturesque view points

A view on Larochette village

This is Luxembourg !

Coming closer to the castle

Next couple kilometers the road goes away from the castle, deeper in to the forest.

Little waterfall

A chapel on the road

Clear signs help tourists alongside with very detailed maps to choose the right direction

5 minutes break for a picnic

100 meters more and we are in the castle



Rocks on the way back to Larochette village

a Path of leprechauns

Mother Nature is a perfect designer

A bit of caves

You never loose your way with the signs like this

Forest berries

Unexpected stop at the playground for the youngest tourist