Route du vin of Luxembourg: 32 km by velo

We have started our trip with a good breakfast in Remich, in one of those numerous cafe with the perfect view on Moselle river and the main square of the town.

Sunday morning

That Sunday morning there was already busy market installed on the main square. We passed by the rows with local and Chinese products and headed to the quay.

The funny little fountain at the edge of the square

We took our bikes in a shop, 5 minutes of formalities and we were cycling along crowded quay toward Schengen.

Unexpected break on the road

These huge geese move from German to Luxembourg side of the Moselle several times a day. If there was a migration service for animals they would get the name “frontaliers”.

Off from the busy road to the Route du Vin

Here we started the Route du Vine, 42-km long road along the vineyards of Luxembourg.

As far as you can see there are vineyards with thousands of  vine rows

Between the rows

First stop: the church in Bech-Kleinmacher

Bech-Kleinmacher is a small (which is explained in the name) village. As all the villages along the Route du vin there are also local vine producers here.

A la Tuscany

Walking path in a natural reserve in Remerschen

Few kilometers far from Remich there is a village called Remerschen. At the edge of the village you may find several lakes and ponds. Needless to say that there are perfect walking trails at this small natural reserve. If you are an ornithologist in your heart you may stay here forever: the commune has built special cabins hidden in the bush and among the trees so you may observe the life of birds as long as you want.

A peaceful spot. If not flies and mosquitoes it would be a great place for yoga practice or meditation

Gardens in the fields

There is blossom everywhere in May and June: every garden is colored with roses, poppy flowers, fleur-de-lis and many other beautiful flowers.

Cycling back to the Route du vin

Schengen castle. Nowadays it is a premium hotel with lovely English gardens and tasteful breakfasts

The 14th century fortified castle was torn down by the industrialist Jean-Nicolas Collart in 1812 who built a residential manor house in its place. All that remained of the medieval building was its round central tower. The castle’s most famous visitor was certainly Victor Hugo who visited the Collarts in 1871 and made a sketch of the old tower.

in 2010 the castle was transformed into a 4-stars hotels. Nowadays it welcomes both business guests and amateurs of wine.

The castle’s courtyard

The Gardens with eco and bio vegetables served at the lunch at the restaurant of the hotel

My bike taking a break


Demonstration against borders and Dublin II and III regulations which cover immigration issues in the European Union

We were lucky that day: in couple minutes after our arrival people gathered in front of the Museum of Europe to protest against European policies and laws which regulate immigration into the Union.

Just in few seconds they climbed on to the roof of the Museum of Europe and put these banners on the walls

Although it was time to ride the bike.

View from the top of the hill

In 200 meters of a difficult and a very high-grade climb we were gifted with a field of forest strawberry

Collecting strawberries

…and that was not the only stop on the way. It was diffucult to move away from the wild cherry and forest berries

In couple meters we had to stop again. It was near to impossible to pass by these old cherry trees with dark red cherries jumping into the mouth

Country side of Moselle valley

Ancient view point which is a picturesque part of the landscape nowadays

Somewhere between Schengen and Remerschen

Kilometers of hills with vines

You are free to go downhills or challenge yourself and go uphills

After one hour and a half of cycling up and down this glass of the cool crement is well deserved and appreciated

20 minutes in the cave and we are back to the vine road

Future Pino Gris

Good bye, Remerschen, we go to Wellenstein and Stadtbredimus

The German part of Moselle valley

On an open terrace of our place of destination, 32 kilometers far from the starting point

The high class hotel has a nice terrace with a view on vineyards

After 6 hours of cycling it was a pleasure to sip good vine from of local producers and enjoy the view. We also decided to stay in the hotel for a dinner and that was a good choice.

Our dinner

This velo tour is a part of one-week long program which aims to introduce the vine and crement of Luxembourg for those who have not yet discovered their unique taste. Feel free to contact me if you want to take part in this program.