London in details

When you are in a city like London which impresses its visitors with the volume and amplitude, which dominates over inhabitants and squeezes people like a lemon, when after couple hours of observing city’s skyscrapers, monumental cathedrals and palais eyes start focusing on small details which are at your arm’s length and then you discover another London, cozy and well designed, even chic and charming.

 For girls

and for boys

Signboard on the corner in Carnaby area 

 Another signboard in old English stile

 A restaurant in China town. Not a good name for Russian market

 So English style

 A couple


Moments of London


I am in love with these wooden walls and decor

 Lunch time

 Another terrace, black and pink, brutal and feminine

 Hello, guys



 Stained-glass windows


Shakherezada’s gardens

 Window of a
store in London Chinatown

View from another angle