Luxembourg Autumn 2014

Summer came to Luxembourg with the first days of September. The Nature mixed all the seasons and gifted us with the warm sunny Indian Summer. I started my Autumn 2014 with roller blading. And do not tell me that it is not the right moment to start roller blading then the snow can fall down the very next week.

I did 13 km at once and my body said Thank you the very next day. You don’t know what it is to be a Robot? Make 13 km of roller blading 🙂

The first autumn touch 

At the second weekend of September I was invited to a wedding reception in Mondorf-les-Bains. That was the first time I came to this town and its thermal wellness complex located on a boarder with France. Honestly, I was impressed by the beauty of the gardens

Reception is about to start

September was also a month with several cultural events. Finally I found time to visit an exhibition at the Villa Vauban: «A Royal Passion for Art – William II of the Netherlands and Anna Pavlovna».  It was interesting to see a mix of cultures, styles, ways of living combined by the passion for Art under one royal roof.

At the same Saturday day I went to another exhibition, Trash People, just few streets away from the classic villa Vauban museum.

Trash people on place Clairefontaine

Actually, the exhibition has an interesting background and the message is not so simple. As per “for 18 years the German action artist HA Schult is travelling around the world with his Trash People art exhibition.

The sensational public interest in and reaction to the first appearance in 1996 in the Xanten Roman Amphitheatre, Germany, was the motivation for the start into the world. Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Cairo, Brussels, Cologne, Rome and Barcelona were the scene for a million public. The photographs from the saltmine in Gorleben, from Matterhorn, from the Artic were running around the world.

The Trash People rank among the most famous Germans. The trash on a level with Goethe, Adenauer, Beckenbauer and Merkel. They stand in executive suits, museums, bedrooms, medical offices, ministries, public and private places. Each one is an ambassador. Ambassador and interpreter of the world which we have created: we in the consumer era. They are our images. We produce trash and we become trash.

HA Schult is appreciated worldwide as the environmental artist of the first hour. Long before the formation of a Green Party he informed society with his actions for a self-critical contemplation of the environmental awareness. When in the 60s, the Pop Art paintings of Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann or James Rosenquist glorified consumption, HA Schult had already shakedn it. He trashed the Piazza Saint Marco in Venice and let crash a black Cessna into the New York landfill”.

In the middle of September we left for our holidays in Majorca therefore the Luxembourg autumn came back to me in October with the fresh but cristal clear air and the sky, smell of the fallen leaves and apples.

My office has moved to a new building where I have a panoramic view on the entire city 

… and fields. As the building is literally in the middle of nowhere

Grund quartier 

From another angle

We were gifted with September and its warm evenings. In the Findel airport October met our flight from Majorca with the cold wind, grey and heavy clouds.

Fire in the sky

However, the third weekend of October was also sunny and enormously hot: plus 24 is not the typical temperature for this time of the year in this area

Saturday flea market at Place Des Armes

Autumn trend is oxblood and burgundy colores. Here we go!

Last sun ray in Merl Park

This is a perfect illustration of how fast weather can be changed in Luxembourg