London: Covent Garden Market

There is something special in visiting markets when travelling abroad. Probably because at the market place you may see the quotidian life without showing off and you, as a tourist, is allowed to become for a moment a part of this life. it is like a mask and a carnival costume – once it is on you are another person.

Therefore my must-visit list always includes local markets and flea markets. Being in London I could not skip the Covent Garden Market, the famous market in the Covent Garden area. The market was established in 1835. It found a permanent home in 1845 when city business owners donated land near Richmond, Dundas and King Street.

Web: Covent Garden Market 

Address: 130, King Str., London ON N6A 1C3

Posing at the entrance

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays were the days the farmers arrived to sell their wares. Inside the main floor was strewn with sawdust where shoppers could choose meat from many different butchers. Outside, buyers and sellers mingled and bargained over wares ranging from boxes of trinkets and wild raspberries to kitten litters.

 Eating, shooting, drinking – in other words – enjoying the stay in London

Until well after World War I, the Market was the business and cultural heart of the City. In 1955 when the advent of the automobile began to take its toll on the time-honored tradition of visiting the Market, nine businesses formed the Covent Garden Market Building Inc. in 1958 to replace the old Market building, which contained four levels of parking along with an area on the main floor for the traditional Market.

The roof of the market 

 The style

In 1998, it became apparent that a new building was once again needed and the new Market opened in October of 1999. Thousands of London citizens attended the unveiling of the newest version of a much loved landmark.

Art nouveau 

Throughout the year, the Market offers a range of events on its public square and mezzanine, including music and theatre festivals and community events.
Nowadays Covent Garden Market is home to three bustling markets that sell everything from handbags to crafts.

 Restaurant at the market

Busy time 

 Lunch time


 I am simply in love with these brick walls and turquoise stilts

 Ah, this glass roof