One day walk in London

I was surprised by the number of parks and other green areas in the city. Ok, Luxembourg is the greenest capital of Europe. However, there are 100K inhabitants in Luxembourg compare to 8.4M in London. Thus the number and the size of green islands on London’s map is impressive.

Our hotel was in a few blocs from the Hyde park so at the very first day of my London tour we start our exploration tour with the Hyde park.

 Hyde park

Fountain cascade

 M&M shop

 Sweet haven

 View from the shop window

Heraldic of London 

Piccadilly Circus

 Pub. Gold and Black

 What’s inside ?

 Velo parking


 Discovering London quartiers

 Starbucks is everywhere Starbucks

 One shot

 Classic corner: to study urban design, decoration and architecture on the same photo

 Carnaby quarter

 Open air food court

 China town

 Mix of styles and epochs on the same street

Quiet neighborhood of Kensington district