Walk along the Regent canal in London city

Everyone knows Camden market. Everyone visits Camden Town. Although the walk along the Regent canal is not among the top-10 attractions. I may say it is a big mistake to miss this picturesque area especially on a sunny day. Before my trip to London I read a lot about this walk and wanted to make it in any case, even at a grey and gloomy day. Fortunately the day was amazing: sunny and warm. Simply the perfect day for a promenade!

We took a bus at Viktoria Station and in 15-20 minutes stepped off at Paddington station. We passed by the St Mary’s Hospital and started our tour at the renewed quartier on a bank of Paddington basin.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.15.35

 Little Venice area. The colourful barges show their best outfit 

London’s best coffee is served here

A couple

An area of the Regent channel

Tiny flea market at the edge of the channel

Here we start

The army of colourful barges

Personal touch

One by one

Little Venice triangle 

At the Little Venice triangle we lost our way and instead of turning on the right we continued walking along the canal. 

Hi, Cap!

House for a weekend or a principal house?


Geese family


After St. Marys Magdalenes church and around Westway highway we realised that we took a wrong road. So we returned back to the Little Venice to restart the tour in the right direction – to the London Zoo and Camden Locks


 Picturesque villas 

 You may also take a boat and make the same tour by water

Or rent a canoe with a guitar player on board 

St. Mark’s Church

I heard that tea and apple pie were served at the church every Saturday and that the cookies made by old English ladies were delicious. If you are in London and by chance in the area on Saturday please please please come to the church to taste those cookies!

Feng Shang Princess restaurant

Approaching Camden Town

Food heaven

Camden Lock market

Camden Town