Normandie. Dieppe

Last August we went to Normandie for a long weekend. Fortunately, the weather was nice and warm so we were able to do some trekking, sightseeing and visit nearby towns without taking our umbrellas. On Sunday morning we came to Dieppe, the ancient fortress and port with rich history. The town was a strategic point for those who wanted to enter the mainland of Europe as well as for those who considered invasion on England and Scotland. Therefore the town constantly occupied by French or English army.

Nowadays Dieppe is well known for the attempt of the Canadian army to hit the beach on 19 August 1942. This was the first attempt of allies to make the mass landing on the mainland to fight the nazi. The operation had a secret name “Operation Jubilee” and was the great fiasco of the allies as non of the objectives were completed and almost all troops were killed at that day. However, mistakes of Dieppe landing were considered at the preparation of North Africa and Normandie landings.

 Castle of Dieppe. Nowadays a museum of medieval age

 Limestone cliffs 

 The Dieppe lighthouse and its pier are full of fishermen at any season

 The pier, fishermen and Dieppe beach 

Dieppe is also an important port connecting France and UK. Just 4 hours on ferry and you are in Newhaven, a port in UK, which is close to Brighton and only one-hour away from London. The tickets are available at DFD Seaways or at any other ferry company webpage, such as 

 The old port of Dieppe

New port  

 Away from the port and deeper to the old town

Every Saturday merchants make their tents to sell fish, local fruits and vegetables, famous cheese from Normandie, cidre, as well as souvenirs and old junk on a flea market. Definitely worth to visit. Try to come early so you may witness the installation of tents, delivery of fish and local products accompanied by Norman jokes and abuses. Even if you do not buy anything at the market (which is hard to believe) you may always take a rest in a cafe nearby and observe the hustle from a comfortable chair on a terrace.

 The shop with sardines only

 A hotel and a restaurant in a former building of tribunal 

Cathedral of Dieppe

In August 2014 the main part of the cathedral was on restoration and renovation. The only part open to the public was this little chapel on the left side of the altar.

 Back to the Nature, walking along the beach

Read on the Beach initiative

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