Amsterdam by boat

It is not a secret that people of the Netherlands fight for every square centimetre of the land with the sea. In order to win the battle they have created numerous effective solutions. The canals are, for sure, the oldest, probably the cheapest and, no doubt, the most effective one. Inhabitants of this area, in order to keep their land, have elaborated a complicated net of canals which let the sea easily come and go with the minimum damage to the agriculture and houses.

Nowadays the government uses a sophisticated system of defence against the flood. However, the canals have never lost their topicality. In Amsterdam canals also have an aesthetic component and bring the charm to the place. It was not my first time in the city although I was happy to walk along the canals, discover new hidden places and lovely corners or just seat on a bench and observe the life of the quarter.

If a day before, on Saturday, we walked a lot in the city, on Sunday we took only a boat trip to see the city from another angel – from the water. The tour started from the central station and went through the most interesting places of the central Amsterdam.

 All means of transport used in the city

 Our boat

 Behind the central railway station

 The locks

 Nemo museum

 Chinese restaurant Sea Palace

 The weather is absolutely unpredictable in Amsterdam: it can be sunny and warm and in the next second cold wind brings dark clouds full of rain

Like in Paris there are a lot of people who live on boats or barges. Some of barges are legal – they have a post address, canalisation, they pay taxes. However, there are people who move from place to place in order to avoid the special police and park their boats illegally.

 Facades again. I may make pictures of these facades for ever and never get bored

 You may find barges of all types, styles and ages along the canals

 Hi there!

 These two were not so happy to see tourists

 We are in a rich quarter. The windows are bigger, decoration of houses is richer and more sophisticated 

 The oldest leaf bridge of the city

 Houses of rich merchants of the past

 Black and white classic 

 The prospect

 The tiniest house of the city

 At this picture you almost believe that summer is still in the city

 Oh, these windows


 When the tourist meets a tourist

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