Riga in Christmas lights

The first weekend of December we took a Ryanair flight from Belgium airport Charleroi and in two hours we stepped out on the Latvian land. In 15 minutes we arrived to our hotel in the old town, dropped the luggage and hurried outside to discover the city. Christmas markets were installed on all main squares of the city and shop windows were decorated with lights, snowflakes and candles. In combination with cobbled tiny streets and the colourful facades it created a special festive ambiance of the magic town where every dream would come true.

Chrsitmas tree at the Dome square 

Golden rooster 

The Dome by night

A Christmas market at the Dome square from a restaurant window


A street made of Christmas trees

Lovely passage in a shopping center

Made with love

In a bookstore 

Back to the Dome square and its market

Catch the wind


A house where cats live

Heaven for little ones

Focus pokus

Hello there!

I would say this is decoration for the tree. However, I have some doubts. Does anyone know what it is for? 

Handmade baskets

Winter soup should be made on an open fire with no exceptions!

A kitchen

The narrowest street of Riga

A shop window again

Christmas market at Livu square 


Excellent idea to decorate the space and hide the source of light 

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