2014 month by month

January is traditionally the month when people sum up results of the previous year, make projections and plans for the new one. My January was quiet busy: after Christmas in Normandie we came back to Luxembourg for three days and already on the 1st January we took the plane to Russia where I spent wonderful time with my friends and family. 2014 was busy year, a bit chaotic and stressful. However, I want to remember the light moments of it. Looking back to my calendar I have realised that it was actually very productive year which challenged me a lot, very often I had to go out of my comfort zone and push myself to the next level. As a reward I got more trips and retreats then any other year before.

Early January I had one-day trip to Paris to pick up my UK visa and take a tour in Louvre.

Despite its popularity I have never been in Chamonix ski resort. I have heard about it, I have read about it, my friends have been there, but not me. Last January we decided to go for a ski weekend to the French Alps and the only one apartment available at that time was in Chamonix. It was great to do ski especially when there were no school children on slopes and you might enjoy ski, snow and blue sky. However, I am not a big fun of the resorts where you have to take lift to get to slopes. Therefore this year I will go somewhere else, not Chamonix.

In February I was overwhelmed with simultaneously running projects at work. The only weekends were mine so we went out for a walking in Luxembourg country side almost every Saturday or Sunday.  One of my personal discovery was the Post museum in Luxembourg.

Thanks to my workload in the office my traditional New Year holidays in Russia were postponed. I could come there only in March, when the enormous Christmas frost was over and we could spend more than 5 minutes outdoor.

The second time when I went out for a ski weekend was at the end of March, together with my colleagues. The company had decided to go to Crans Montana in the Swiss Alps in 2014. So it was also my first trip to Switzerland. However, it was end of the March and the sun was already very strong so the snow melted away. To enjoy the snow we had to lift to the very top of the domain and only in the morning. After 1 p.m. it became dangerous to ski. I would like to come back to the resort during winter time since the area has a lot of slopes and winter activities.

While it was still minus in Russia Luxembourg was already in blossom.

In April I stayed in the country. Although I can not say it was still and quiet time. I went to concerts of Fauv and Stromae, did some bicycle tours along the Moselle and welcomed friends and family.

The second new country, I visited last year was UK. We went for a long weekend in London for the Labor day in May. It was my first time in the city and I was eager to see and “taste” the city as much as possible. We did both: the must-see tourist attractions and off-path places. I would like to come back to discover more since I do not believe I have got the soul of the city.

May was very busy and full of travel. Just one quiet weekend at home and I wason the road again. That time my destination was Strasbourg, a capital of Alsace. The weekend was very easy going as I did not rush and simply enjoyed walking along the river, boat tours and parks. Next time when I am in Alsace I would like to go to country side and visit all these lovely villages from the list of The most beautiful villages of France, Colmar town as well as visit wine caves and cellars to learn more about Alsace wines.

In between London and Strasbourg we were crazy enough to went to Normandie and say hello to the sea.

Route du vin by velo – is a part of my project of discovering Luxembourg and promotion of individual velo, hiking or wine tourism in Europe. So I did a lot of research , visits to local business and had discussions with my partners and possible suppliers to develop the project in June.

At the beginning of June I also went to Paris for a wedding of friends. When all champagne was drunk I spent the rest of my weekend discovering the city. The Green Way, quarter of Amelie and hidden parks in XX district became new diamonds in my treasure box of Parisian memories.

It is already a good tradition to visit my friend in Nurnberg every year. It was pure friends-n-family weekend: we did not go out at night, we had a lot of picnics, breakfast with friends and we slept a lot. Parents of young children will understand me 🙂 At my next visit I will do the jewellery and antiquarian hunting since Nurnberg is well packed with the shops of both types and I have an excellent local guide.

I started July with the six-hour trip to Clermont-Ferrand, where the second part of friend’s wedding took place. When being back to Luxembourg I enjoyed the warm weather and open-air music at Rock-a-Field and Blues-n-Jazz Rallye festivals.

I was on the road again at the end of the month, direction to Normandie. This time I showed Dieppe  and Mers-les-Bains to my parents. I believe they keep good memory of this trip!

In August I continued my Luxembourg adventure and found out the city’s underground secrets  together with the history of Petrusse and Bock casemates. The annual Schueberfouer fair made me busy at the end of the month.

The long-awaiting girls weekend in Amsterdam finally took place at the last weekend of August. Definitely, in 2015 I should plan more weekends with my girlfriends.

September was a holiday month. This year it was two weeks on Majorca and I may say that I want to come back to this place and discover its other sides and parts.

I had a walk in the Somme du Baie in October, while visiting family in Normandie. This area is perfect for trekking all day long and observing the wild Nature.

I contunued developing my project about individual tours in Luxembourg in October. While the weather was dry and sunny I visited several interesting spots in Moselle valley of Luxembourg. Greiveldange village is one of them.

November in Luxembourg is the most depressing moths of the year. In order to keep myself on the track I created small projects and tasks almost everyday. Following the cultural agenda was one of them.

In December I went to my third new country of the year, Latvia. I was in Riga only and I should say that it was one of the best ideas to go if you need to feel the Christmas.

 Plans for 2015

This year I will focus on my neighbourhood: I still have some uncovered castles and sightseeing in Luxembourg, I have never been in Champaign region (Reims and the area), and Alsace with its villages is not discovered yet. French Nancy, Dutch Maastricht and Antwerp, Belgian coast and villages with local beer producers are also in the list. I would like to come back to Provence and probably spent couple weeks in lavender fields, wine yards, law land of Camargue and beaches of Cote d’Azur. I will continue discovering North of the France: Deauville and Trouville in Normandie, Somme Bay in Picardy, Lille in Nord-Pas de Calais, Bretagne. Of course Paris is also in the list!

I would like to visit Berlin and London, Greek or Turkish islands, too. However, it will depend on promotions and Ryanair flight schedules :).