Mosel walk: Greiveldange

I continue discovering vineyards of Luxembourg Moselle valley. This time we have chosen a 10-km trail around Greiveldange village. This small village is hidden between hills and vineyards and off the famous tourist trails. That October weekend, when we came to the site for a walk, the weather gave us the last chance to enjoy the sun and warmth. Nothing disturbed us from observing colourful hills, clear sky and the Moselle river, making the natural boarder between Luxembourg, Germany and France.

 At the edge of Greiveldange vineyards


We started our tour in the heart of the village. There was a small path, just behind a local school, which went through the apple gardens to vineyards.

 An ancient wash house

This wash house was built in 1867 in order to help housewives with their house work and to improve hygienic conditions. It was build in the area of an abundant spring which located at the upper part of the village. There were two basins, called “Wäschkutsch”, in the wash house. The women used one for washing every single piece of laundry with a laundry brush and a beetle and rinsing them in a another basin. The wash house also had a social function since it was a place where people met and exchanged the latest news. Of course they also gossiped. It is good to know that in Luxembourgish language “Wäschfra” (washerwoman) also means gossip.

 Lime kiln

Thanks to the rock formations of the Moselle region, Greiveldange has high-quality lime-stone. The village is also surrounded with forests. In the past it was a perfect location for lime burning. The lime burnt in Greiveldange was used to build houses and fertilize land. It was hard work, but in economically difficult times people were glad to earn some extra money by burning lime. The lime from Greiveldange was also used to build the Castle Bridge in Luxemburg City.

Stairs to the vineyards

 The view on the village

 Between lines

 At least four trails go through the fields of Greiveldange 

 Dog-rose berries

 For the pleasure of eyes

 Moselle valley 

 Future Pino Gris

 German village

 Vineyards are everywhere

 The last light before the night falls 

 After 9 km of walking in the hills we were back to Greiveldange. Local church

 …and local wine producer 

Types of wine, produced form the wine grapes of Greiveldange

 The last view on Moselle river 

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