Snow. Volume 2

At the end of January winter finally came to the city. We planned to go to do ski in the Alps on that weekend. Although we hadn’t booked anything in advance and, as a result, had to cancel the ski trip and stay in the city. However, the mother nature was a generous lady: if we did not go to snow then snow came to us. I took my Friday off that week to spent some time with my family and relax before busy season at work. Another words, we had some plans for that Friday. That afternoon skies decided that movie and spa were not enough “familial”, so they sent us lots of snow to block the traffic and make us go out and enjoy the white purity.

 Snow storm is about to begin

In the Kircheberg business quarter

At this point all buses in the city were blocked and couldn’t move further

I have never used an umbrella against snow, but I have to admit it is not so stupid as it looks from the first sight 

More than 5 cm in couple hours – it is another record 


In Kirchberg park

Let’s have fun


Winter fairytale

Central part by night

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