Riga from the bird’s eye

Taking a look on a city from the tallest building is a well known and popular entertainment. There are several reasons behind it: you may see the entire town as on 3D map; it is easier to spot interesting quarters and picturesque courtyards which are usually well hidden; it is a good reason to test your shape as climbing 300+ steps is not for everyone; and, finally, it can be a good passion to collect panoramic pictures from the bell towers around the globe.

I am not an exception and I like to go up to the best view point of the city and touch the sky. Although I am an absolute acrophobe.
The day we went to the top of the Saint Peter’s bell tower, was grey and the heavy fog covered the city. That  was our last day in Riga and we had no choice. I believe that the view is breathtaking when it is clear and sunny weather. Well, we will try to come to Riga at summer next time. The open hours and the admission fees you may always check on a page of the St. Peter’s church.

Riga’s central market .

The building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences is designed in the same style as the Staline’s buildings in Moscow, so-called Seven Sisters. This style is also known as the Socialist Classicism and you may find numerous buildings of this type everywhere on the post-soviet territory.

Tile and metal roofs.

Christmas market and the stage for performance in the evenings on one of the square.

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