Baie de Somme

I visited the Bay of Somme at the end of October 2014. It was sunny weekend, warm and lazy – the perfect time for being outside and have relaxed walk in fields and marsh of the bay.

Just about ten kilometres from Le Treport but what a huge difference in the surrounded landscape! Compare to the white rocks of Normandie the Bay of Somme (Baie de Somme in French) is flat and located in a low land, which explains countless backwaters, flows and marsh along the coast.

As I said it was lazy weekend so we didn’t do a lot of things. We arrived to the Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, a lovely town on the edge of the bay, at around 11 a.m. and it was already too late to find a good parking place. A piece of advice: on Saturday you should come as early as possible so you take the best parking spot and you may enjoy the nature without noise and crowd around you.

There are a lot of activities in the area and I believe one full day is not enough if you want to discover it. First of all you may want to make a day of trekking along the bay. There are numerous walking routes so you may choose the route from 10 km to 4o km. If walking is not your passion you may rent a bike or have a horse riding tour. If you prefer staying closer to the water than kayak or sea canoe, sailing and kitesurf are for you. All the equipment can be rented at the place. Just make sure that you are dressed properly. Here is a webpage of the official tourist office (this one is also very useful and contains a lot of information about the region) of the bay of Somme where you may find more information about activities and places to stay over the weekend.

Delta of the Somme river and a marina for sailing boats.

Old fishermen boats.

Lighthouse on Somme river. Can you find fishermen on the stairs below the lighthouse?

You may rent kayaks and make a tour in the bay and the sea.

We left Saint-Valery-sur-Somme behind and headed toward the sea.

Pebble Beach. On sunny Saturday it was full of people playing football, making BBQ and picnics.

You remember, the weekend was lazy, right? Finally we did not go very far in to the marsh (mostly because we were not well equipped). After jumping between flows and trying to find our way we came back to the sandy beach to take our lunch with a view on Somme.

Our lunch: burger with French fries and sea salad with salmon, shrimps, mussels, tomatoes and salicorne, sea green beans, as they called in French. If you are in Saint-Valery don’t miss this restaurant!

The view of the beach, the restaurant, Somme river and the bay.

A bit of pictures from the town.

On the central streets.

Saturday market.

Here are some specialties from the region.  Marinated salicorne is in the jars on the right.

Another activity which you should not miss is the ancient train. You may take a ticket to go either to the sea in Cayeux-sur-Mer or to go to another town on another side of the Somme – Le Crotoy. Both ways are picturesque and worth to go.

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