Majorca: our hotel VIVA Can Picafort

Travelling with a 3-year old child changes travel habits completely. The nap schedule. food preferences, even interests of little one make you review and adjust your plans for holidays. I don’t want to say that there is no social life with a baby. Although, I had to lower my expectations, slow down the speed and literary become an observer rather than an active participant. As soon as I learnt it I started enjoying this slow-motion way of living, getting pleasure from simple things and see the world with the eyes of my daughter. I must admit it is a wonderful world!

However, bars, restaurants and day-long trips are still to be carefully planned in order not to be turned in to a torture for everybody.

This year we have chosen a family hotel which belongs to VIVA chain. The hotel is located in Can Picafort village, approximately 500 m from the beach. Translating it in to child’s perception of time it is one park with playground, one pony paddock, a shopping street with all these bright toys, 12 palm trees and two cafes with pasta and ice cream. So it is not so far. We went to the beach two times per day and the way to the sea and back wasn’t super tiring.

If you like swimming pool then you don’t even need to go to the beach, since the hotel has a big pool area with a separate pool for children. I am not a big fun of staying in a pool area when there is true sea in 5-minute walking distance. We went to the pool several times only and mostly to please the little one.

Viva Can Picafort is an excellent place for families with children. You may see it even before crossing the entrance door – 80% of the rental bicycles were equipped withe child chair. 90% of the tables in the main restaurants are equipped by default with the high child chair and the table set for kids. We had a disco for children every night and that was really fun to see all these toddlers and kids dancing and singing in English, German and Spanish.

In terms of meal, you may select either all inclusive or half-board options. Since we planned to visit the island anyway then we had decided to go for HB and we didn’t regret. The hotel proposes buffet self-service in the main restaurant and the variety of food is impressive. Every dinner we had a themed table in addition to standard salad, meat, fish, veggi, hot and cold dishes. There are several restaurants which serve a la cart and the food is also good and tasty. It may be a good substitute for a lunch in a town or a buffet dinner together with 200 screaming kids in the main restaurant.

Although, our lunch usually consisted of glass or two (or three) of local wine, cheese, biscuits and sausages on a balcony, while the little one had her nap.

In 200 meters from the hotel there is a park with a play ground for children. Few meters further you may find a ponny paddock, which is always full of kids and their parents.

Speaking about parents. The horse riding is my passion and I could not leave the island without a tour. You, a horse, long sandy beach and the sea during 3 hours – what else does a person need?

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