Insider’s tips: Welcome to Los Angeles, California

Have you already forgotten my Insider’s tips edition? Here you go, tips and hints about the famous, luxurious and fabulous California. Nobody will deny that he would be happy to visit it at least once in his life and feel himself for a moment a Hollywood hills inhabitant. Fortunately, we have David, who may bring the Califirornia dream closer and share his favourite places with us.

This is the City of Angeles, home of the Lakers/Clippers Basketball team and Dodgers Baseball. Unfortunately, it is not a town for efficient public transportation, you would need to rent a car and when you do don’t be surprised by traffic at most hours of the day.

Now that we have the bad out of the way, lets get to the good. There are just over 1 million of the good.

In sunny California, there is no weather. We have hot, hotter, and hottest. For Christmas you have even go to the beach or have a hike.

The Griffith park-hiking trail overlooks most LA and goes by the famous Hollywood sign. Just down below is also the Griffith observatory which houses space memorabilia and is also the film location of James’ Dean, ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’

After a hike, check out Bottega Louie for their decadent macaroons in a variety of colored flavors. They also serve lunch, but I prefer the dersert there.

On the other side of LA – Next catch the sunset at the famous Venice beach boardwalk.

There you will find, the weird, the wow, and the crazy. There seems to be an endless supply of ‘tobacco’ pipe stores and a nice concrete skate park if you’re feeling daring. At dusk, participate in the drum circle that takes place on the sandy beach.

NOTE: It’s completely safe!

Next, get out of LA!

Just 40 minute fairy ride off the coast of Long Beach is Catalina Island. A small little island where you can rent a golf cart and explore the mountainside, go snorkeling, see wild deer, or even dangle on a zip-line.

NOTE: If your birthday, there is a complimentary ride, there and back with advance ticketing.

Take a drive to the San Diego Zoo. It is a about a 3 hour drive from LA.

This makes for a good day trip, see all the exotic animals there and during the summer feed the giraffe. Seaworld is also nearby. Eat at Phil’s BBQ, expect at least an hour wait. If you stay in downtown, go to the Gaslamp district for nightlife.

Our Neighbor – Las Vegas.

To anyone in Los Angeles, Las Vegas is their second home. A 4 hour drive from Los Angeles, you can expect LV to be your weekend bender. Sin City provides world-class nightlight, gambling, and amazing eateries. In the summer you can find many day clubs aka Pool Parties.

For clubs: XS, Marquee, Hakkasan

Day clubs: Drais, Wet Replublic, Encore.

Eat: Bacchanal Buffet.

NOTE: Women usually get into clubs for free by a certain time or for a small fee. Men $$$. And always set a limit on $ or what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas in regards to all your $.