Cap de Formentor on Majorca

One of the remarkable trip we did on Majorca was the visit of the Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of the island. The road to the point is marvellous on its own. The road of 13.5 km goes through rocks, sticks to cliffs and, as a snake, curls around the mountains. The view is picturesque and you will wish to stop at every single corner to make one more photo or two. However, several times I was really scared when our little rented car was about to jump into the abyss. Of course, it would never happen, although the impression was very realistic.

 A view from the view point on the last passage and the spontaneous parking

 Climbing along the edge of cliffs

If you have good imagination you may find faces of giants and shapes of fairy tale animals in these rocks

 384 meter above the sea level. Anybody wants to dive?

 When it is clear you may see on the easta smal a Menorca island from this point. Menorca is in 11 km far from Majorca and there is a good ferry connection between these islands.

 The lighthouse of the Cap de Formentor. Locals also calls it a meeting point of the winds.

 The model

 On the way back we made several stops where it was possible to make photos. If you can only imagine the smell these pine trees, filled in with the sun and fresh wind, spread around. I would stay forever in such place!


 Hunting for a great shot.

Little beach, hidden between two mountains. This beach called Cala Figuera and if you wish to enjoy its crystal waters it is better come earlier since the parking is pretty small and the beach is tiny.

On the way back from the Cap do not hesitate to turn on the left and stay for couple hours on another beach, Cala Pi de la Posada. This beach is much bigger then Cala Figuera, with warm water and several restaurants alone the shore.

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