Majorca beaches

I must admit this two week visit to the island was pretty lazy. We didn’t move a lot, we stayed almost in the same area in the north of the island in Can Picafort and Alcudia and, therefore, we didn’t explore even a third part of the island’s treasury. However, we are very satisfied with our stay on Majorca and I am sure that we will come back in the nearest future to discover its south and west parts, to make trekking and cycling and, of course, to enjoy the warm emerald water of its beaches.

In this post I am happy to share with you my personal impression and comments on the beaches we have visited on the north of the island. If you are planning a trip to Majorca it can be useful to consult the following web sites: The best beaches of Majorca and Majorca beach guid. On these two web sites you may find all the information about beaches all around the island. I found it very useful while planning my trip to Majorca.

Main beach in Cap Picafort. Several kilometers of sandy beach, clean water, no rocks and algae. You may rent the tent and a chaise-longue. There is a promenande along the beach with lots of cafes, restaurants, gift shops and ice cream booths.

At the end of September there was storm for several days so the water became pretty cold. We still might swim and stay in the water but, in a combination with the fresh wind from the sea it was not so pleasant.

 Although, the sun was still there and the beach was full of people taking sunbaths.

Depending on the strength of the wind the waves may be very strong and big, so be careful with swimming far away from the coast and pay attention to kids.

Cala Figuera. Tiny beach with emerald water near Cap de Formentor.

 Bay de Pollenca.

The coast along the Pollenca bay is pretty long, however, it is wild and rocky. We did not see a single person swimming in this area. Although, this is a favourite place for kite surfers. Across the road there are lots of hotels for surfers and surfing schools.

 Alcudia and its channels. Lovely place for evening promenade.

 Little bay formed by the sea, lake Gran and channels. As you can imagine the water is even hotter than the air. Natural jacuzzi bath.

 Alcudia beach.

Due to its flat bottom and the protected location (the nearby mounts hide the beach from the wind and big waves never reach the coast in this are), Alcudia beach is very popular among families with small children and those who prefer to enjoy all inclusive rather then cycling in the mountains.

This beach is located in Alcudia bay. The water is much warmer compare to the temperature of the open sea in Cap Picafort. The sea bottom is pretty flat so the sun warms it up during the day. This is real heaven for kids.

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