Discovering Majorca

I have to admit that a two-week trip to Majorca is extremely short and fast. You either stay near the water on a beach or driving all the day from the north to the south and back in order to see all these beautiful little villages and numerous beaches with emerald water. Of course, it is also depends on your personal preferences and the state of your body and mind as well as your expectations. At our first visit to the island we decided that we need, first of all, to take the rest and relax after an intense year, secondly, we wanted to spent as much time as possible near the sea and, thirdly, the holidays had to be interesting for a girl of 3 years old. Therefore the selection of attractions and the places to visit was based on these three criteria.

Our first place to visit was Els Calderes near the little village San Joan. It is a farm and a master house of XVIII century, which is well preserved and recreated in all little details. Children will enjoy the farm with donkeys, horses, pigs, chicken and goats. It is better to plan the visit in the morning since in the afternoon it can be to hot to be outside and discover the gardens and the park.

 Winemaking equipment.

Interiors in the master’s house have been carefully renovated. While moving from one room to another I had a strong impression that hosts just left the house and will come back soon.

 Kitchen. Should I say that in the kitchen of my dream there are similar tiles and copper pots?

 The bedroom of the missis.

 Workroom and a storage room.



Passage in blossom.

 Terrace of the cafe.

 A view on the master’s house from the farm.

 Animals of the farm. Children enjoy feeding them.

 Majorca’s wine makers produce decent wine. Do not ignore it!

The next place to visit was Cuevas del Drach.  It is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites, which constantly working, if we may say it this way, on the creation of the interior of the cave. The underground path is 1,2 km. At the end of the tour you will find a big underground lake and will enjoy classic music concert, performed from boats.

Isn’t it amazing what the Nature can create on and beneath the ground?

 Next stop is the must for everybody who is travelling on Majorca with children. The Palma Aquarium.

The biggest aquarium with sharks is very impressive. Recommended for a visit, especially if you want to combine shopping or sightseeing in Palma de Majorca and make kids busy.


We also had a tour around the village where we stayed two weeks, Cap Picafort. This is typical little village, full of hotels and restaurants and 100% oriented on serving tourists. However, you still may find some interesting spots in its area.

 The port of Cap Picafort.

 Ruins of some military fortification.

 Sandy castle.

 Street art.

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