Carrière d’Ocre in Roussillon

Being in Provence and not to visit the natural wonder of Roussillon is inexcusably. Just in the middle of the valley there is a colourful mount, like an oasis in a desert. In fact, there are several places in Provence like the carrier d’Ocre, but one in Roussillon is the most famous. If you have a bit of time and want to discover not only touristic Roussillon but other orange hills then I strongly recommend you to explore the ochre trails. By bicycle or by foot, you will discover the beauty of the red mounts and the Provençal landscapes.

It is better to start your day early and arrive to Roussillon before tourist groups. The morning light creates unreal views and you will be probably the only one who enjoys it in a company of cicadas. The entrance fee is 2,50 EUR for adults and free for children under 10 years old. With your ticket you are allowed to enter the most interesting part of the place – The Ochre Trail. You may take the longest path (marked in red on the map, which you will receive in a ticket office), with takes approximately  1.5 hrs to complete. There is another – yellow path – which is shorter although passes by all interesting parts of this natural resort.

Here is a website of the Roussillon village, where you may consult the open days, the events agenda and the information on your stay in the village.

At the entrance

The main plateau of the park. Mars in real life.

The entire place is a baby of the pre-historical ocean and the wind

The Roussillon village

They use ochre to pain the walls, therefore the village is very coloreful and has festive ambiance 

Provençal fields 

What a lovely decoration of a door! Perfect design.

On the way back we stopped for couple shots in the lavender  fields. Unfortunately, the blossom season had not been started yet. Although, the straight lines of lavender bushes and the mix of green and mint colours gave the impression of tender velvet cloth.

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