Easter break in Paris

It is almost Christmas and I still publishing posts from spring. Yeah, busy schedule, what can I say in my defence?

“Paris is always a good idea” said Audrey Hepburn in “Sabrina” movie. Can’t agree more. Especially if one can pack the weekend with meeting friends, visiting favourite and discovering new places in the city and, as a climax, singing loudly at a concert of the favourite singer. I was able to combine all. Basically, the idea to go to Paris came to my mind immediately as soon as I got details of Robbie William’s World Tour 2015.  Two clicks and I got my tickets, two phone calls and the weekend program was arranged. The concert was scheduled for 30 April, so I decided to take a week off and spent more than usual two and a half days in the city. We arrived on Monday afternoon to Gare de St. Lazare from Normandie, walked a bit through the city, took a glass and headed to our friend’s place.

The concert was only on Tuesday. Although, since it was the reason to come to Paris I would start with it. What should I say. It was amazing. Robbie Williams is a great showman and he works hard every minute of his performance.

The laser show, decorations, animation team, light and sound – everything was so well done and properly organised that 90 minutes of the concert passed in a single moment. And, of course, I lost my voice while singing all his hits.

At the next day, still without my voice, we made a promenade through the city. Jardin des Plants are beautiful at any season.

Colourful poppy flowers were trembling under the fresh March wind.

After several hours of walking we took a break in a cafe of the Parisian Mosque. Compare to the weekend hours then there is a line on a street to enter the place, that Wednesday there were only us and a couple of Dutch tourists. And one very shameless sparrow.

After a glass of hot tea and Turkish delights we continued the oriental theme of the day and went to the Museum of World Arab to see its exposition. Note to all visitors of Paris – the terrace on the top of the museum proposes an excellent view no Siene, Cité island and the right side of the city.

I can only imagine how picturesque the view is when it is sunny!

Complicated windows with sun protection at the museum of World Arab.

We went to Jardin de Luxembourg another day just to enjoy the ambiance of the place, to show ourselves and see others.

There is a hidden part in the gardens where tourists usually do not go. Although, it is a paradise where one may spent the entire morning reading a book, observing passersby and sipping his coffee.

Magnolia was already in blossom.

Another part of the Jardin de Luxembourg, reserved for locals only. You may meet chitchatting grannies; grandpapas, practicing tai chi or good looking yappies playing tennis or jogging along sandy paths.

Rive gauche, and especially, 6th district and its Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter are excellent for window shopping. All chic galleries and antique shops are located here.

Do not afraid to be curious, just enter doors and explore the world of Parisian bohemia.

Now it is time to say bye-bye to respectable and rich Rive Gauche and cross the river. Can you see that boats are parked in three rows?

Bridge with the love locks. Did you know that couple years ago a part of the barrier fell to the river because it couldn’t stand the weight of attached locks? Nowadays the city government protects bridges and put transparent plastic shields on hedge.

We are going to the right side of the river. Vibrant and lively, always in hurry and trying to catch the latest news and trends, its inhabitants do not know what does it mean to be in blue.

Another remarkable sign of the right side of the city is passages. There are plenty of them and each has its character.

Here we are!

Another discover of that week in Paris was Merci concept store on boulevard de Beaumarchais.  Two levels of objects of contemporary design for home, where I wanted to buy everything!

In Merci there is  also a coffee corner there they serve excellent breakfasts and lunches. I tried these boiled eggs and mint-apple-organge cold tea. If I had a bigger stomach I would take one more breakfast, no doubts.

Just another bar with huge windows and deco a la Russe.

That week in Paris was full of entertainment and joy. One day we went to a place which appeared to be a museum of wine. Guess what? It was a wine tasting class booked for us. So we learnt the classification of French wines, how to read the wine, what our noses told us about the composition of wine etc. If you have couple hours in Paris I definitely advise you to book a session!

We are about to start.

The samples.

Ancient wine-making devices.

Do you recognise this bridge? Inception movie, probably? Bir-Hakeim bridge, elegant example of Parisian architecture of the end of XIX century.