Festival of soup in Lille

Have you ever heard that Lille hosts the international soup festival ? Yes, there is soup festival and yes, it can be international. Every spring during last 15 years, on 1st May, streets in the city center transform into a podium for street artists, musicians and, of course, amateurs of soup. The festival is called La Louche d’Or (the golden soup ladle). The idea of the festival is to share best recipes with citizens. Inhabitants of quarters prepare their soups and offer it to visitors. At the end of the day there is a vote which shows the best soup of the year. This is a great opportunity to taste soups from around the world and discover new recipes.

To taste soups visitors should buy small soup bowls. The process is very simple: you go from stand to stand and taste the soup you liked more. Then you give rate all tasted soups in a voting paper and give it to the festival committee.

If you are in Lille on 1 May do not miss this event! More info you may find at the official website of the festival at La Louche d’Or. 

Ready? Steady? Go! Soup bowls.


A team in hats and their tomato soup.


Decoration of the stand is also a part of the contest.


The biggest pot ever.


Puppets soup.


That was the best soup of the festival, in my humble opinion. Just look the size of the queue!


Sort of curry veggie soup with spicy popcorn.


If you are not an amateur of any kind of soup there are always stands with street food, mainly hotdogs, hamburgers and Greek pita.




These soups were not as great as the curry one.



it is never too much of pink.


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