Bicycling in the Stanley Park in Vancouver

It took me 11 years to right this post and share the pictures I made during my trip to Vancouver, Canada. Back in 2005 I couldn’t imagine that I would go to Canada and that it would be my business trip. Well, it wasn’t a business trip in its nature but it was paid by my company, so let’s count it as a business trip. Basically, it was a thank-you-bonus for well organised football championship. I am still proud of this event and count it as the best event ever :).

With my two Russian football teams, consisted only of boys and myself, we arrived in Vancouver early in the morning. After fast check-in and absolutely forgot about jet lag, we left our hotel. First day we spent visiting the downtown and discovering night life of the city. However, the very next day me and my colleague rented bikes.

As I have already mentioned several times, I believe that using bikes to discover a new place is, probably, the best way to see lots of places in one day and don’t get extremely tired at the end of the day. The tour we did that day wasn’t long or tiring.  Just the other way round, we enjoyed well-done cycling paths, well-designed itinerary and the views we had along the tour.

One of the longest beaches in Vancouver city is called English Bay Beach. It locates right in the city centre and lays between Burred street and Stanley park.

Any time of the day, any day of the week there are people on the beach.  I can easily understand them – it is a perfect location for jogging, cycling, practicing yoga, playing beach volleyball or just having pick-nick with friends.

Kayaks holder in Charleson Park. Kayaks and boats of all types and forms are everywhere. No surprise – Vancouver is a city which lives in harmony with the ocean.

Yachts in a harbour.

View on the harbour and downtown from Stanley park.

Devonian Harbour Park.

A rock and its master.

A black squirrel. They are everywhere!

A fish?

Hunter of a perfect photo shoot.

Totems in Stanley park.

At sunset the light is like velvet, tender and  delicate.

Last light is lost in numerous windows of the downtown.

Time to come back to the hotel and have a party!

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