Czech Switzerland: heaven for geo tourism

What do you know about Czech Republic? Good beer, cheap (nowadays not so cheap) food and hotels, land of castles and fortresses, mineral water resort, full of German pensioners and Russians. It is all true. However, there is a place in this beautiful country, which is not very popular among general public. It is far from night clubs of Prague and its caramel castles. There are no beer factories and famous churches and cathedrals. However, if you an amateur of the Nature, day-long trekkings or horse riding you should put this place on your travel map.

The Czech Switzerland (it is also called Bohemian Switzerland) is located on German border. No surprise that the most of the tourists are Germans, who come to the place for a weekend.

I booked a room in a nice cottage which turned out to be built and owned by a moskovite who had left Moscow some time ago and enjoyed cheap prices, calmness and the Nature of Bohemian Switzerland. I used a local tourist office to book my room. However, I am sure you may find apartments, guest houses or hotels on all booking platforms.

There is a good public transport connection between Prague and the area. I took train until Decin and then a bus to Hrensko. Then I decided to save costs and went up the hill with the baggage. That was a big big mistake. Fortunately, a nice Czech grandpa gave me a ride and delivered right to the cottage. Do not repeat this mistake, take a taxi!

Here are several web pages I used in order to organise this visit:

Bohemian Switzerland – everything about the National Park

Czech Republic – lands of stories – some history and tips

Chech Railroads – at this web site you may buy tickets and find good connections with Prague or any other Czech town.

Bus lines in Bohemian region

Trekking trails and itineraries 

There are plenty of trails of different difficulties and duration. If you only want to discover the region take the easiest one, which goes to the Pravčická Brána (“Pravčice Gate”). Then I recommend to take a boat and look at the rocks and stone beauty from the water.

The most famous Natural attraction of Czech Switzerland is Pravčická Brána (“Pravčice Gate”). It is a stone gate made by wind. Very impressive. During medieval time there was a lodge where the prince and his court stopped during hunting seasons. Now the lodge is transformed into a restaurant. Be careful, do not try to eat there: the food it horrible, prices are like in Ritz hotel in Paris and the service is just a nightmare. Just enjoy the view and go to the next spot.


View from the nearest rock on the famous gate.

Stone formation in this region is really impressive!

I visited the National Park in early May. I could feel the breath of spring and its warm hugs.

Forest inhabitants.

A stone monster  or a troll ?

A giant had forgotten its boot and it turned in to a stone.

Cupcake mount.

The trails go mostly among stones and forest so in rainy season the path is very slippery. Think about taking proper hiking shoes.

Forest at spring is the best time to visit.

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