Picardie at summer time: Dunes at Somme Bay and charme of Le Crotoy

If you follow my blog for a while you probably has already read a post about dunes in Somme Bay, a natural reserve on the border of the sea with perfect white sand and pine tree forest. I’ve been there last time in April 2o12.  It was windy and fresh and any desire to stay on a shore disappeared after staying more than 10 minutes under that constant cold wind from the sea. Definitely, summer time is more suitable for visits: no need to rush and try to get out of the forest before a sunset; no need to calculate you chances to stay dry or being covered by icy shower; you enjoy smell of pine trees, warm sand and fresh but not icy water.


Horse riding is another option and, probably, logistically the most comfortable one as you don’t need to walk 5 km in the sand.


Wild flowers. Even at the end of July there was blossom here and there in the forest.


From the beginning to the end the path trail was through the sand. It was pretty difficult to walk, especially for children.


Sea buckthorn. The berry growths everywhere in the north coast of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Sometimes you may run into huge savage fields of it.


With berries in my hand.


Finally, arrived to the Somme dunes.


Five minutes for the rest and a photo.



Here we go: wild nature and power of the sea, wind and sand.



Wind changes these dunes constantly. Every year sand comes deeper into the land and covers the forest meter by meter.

After 5-km walk back to the parking we felt ourself exhausted and squeezed like a lemon. Besides, it was almost the end of the lunch time so we drove to the nearest town, Le Crotoy. Fortunately, it was touristic town where restaurants and cafes were not closed after 2 p.m.


When there is a law sea in this area the water goes far away. The shore is flat and people use it as a petanque field.  You may also see on the backstage people with buckets – they collect crabs and the sea food left on the sand.


That day there was a carnival in Le Crotoy and we saw numerous cars and platforms richly decorated with flowers.



A mobile flower shop.


Flowers, Chinese symbols – what is the theme of this car, I wonder?


This group definitely played with Jule Verne’s theme. The famous writer lived and died in Picardie, in Amiens.

There are a lot of placed in the department named in his honour. For instance, University of Picardie in Amiens also has its name.


Meanwhile tourists enjoyed sunny weekend on a border of the sea. It was pretty windy but thanks to the sun the sand was very hot. I bet there were many people who got sun burns that weekend.


We arrived back to Normanie when it was almost night. We took our last glass of cold rosé with the sea view to say thank you to the universe for the amazing day.

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