Castellammare del Golfo and the hotel La Battigia

I should tell you honestly that it was a challenge to find a good hotel in that region of Sicily. There are plenty hotels, apartments and guesthouses in Trapani and Marsala. However, if you would like to stay on a sea shore then the choice is very limited. proposes lots of apartments and villas for rent. This is ideal solution for big families and groups. You may even rent a luxury villa with the full service, so you don’t need to cook or clean the house. In our case there were only three people. I also didn’t want to spent half of the day in grocery shopping and cooking. Therefore we were searching (desperately) for a hotel on a sea shore, close to civilisation and at affordable price. After several weeks of surfing the web we decided to stay in La Battigia hotel, close to Castellammare del Golfo village.


Castellammare del Golfo turned out to be a fishermen village with no access to beaches. If you decide to stay in the village keep in mind that you will need to have a car to go to a beach. We came to the village almost every evening for a dinner. As other turist places, there are many restaurants in front of the port and in the village itself. Although, it doesn’t mean that the food is disgusting. Contrary, one night we got very good pizza and baked egg-plants in tomato sauce, and another night couldn’t finish our pastas because of the size and all the compliments from the chef.



View on Castellammare del Golfo from the view point on the nearby mount. 



The lighthouse



It looks like there is a kind of beach. Although I insist that in few minutes by car and you may find beaches much better and nicer.


A square with the view.


As soon as you go out outside of the village you have long sandy beaches and crystal clear water.


Morning view.

That’s why I chose the Hotel La Battigia and paid extra for the sea view. The day can’t be bad if you start it with such view.


A terrace for my breakfast.


Hotel has its own private beach. So I had no problem with umbrellas and chaise-longues. In May there were no many people in Sicily and we had no fights for places on the beach.


For those, who doesn’t like swimming in the open water, there is a swimming pool. Of course, the little one preferred the pool. I had to negotiate hard to have both pool and sea in our lazy daily agenda.


Lounge area. 

We took our coffee and aperitif on these comfortable sofas.

I have to say that the restaurant of the hotel is worth to come. The kitchen probably is not as elaborate as in Michelin restaurants, although it is well done, typical Sicilian kitchen, well served and very tasty. During our stay we tried all pastas which the restaurant had in its menu, all fish options and the desert. I must admit I enjoyed every piece I had on my plate.


When there is only you and the sea.

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