Castellammare del Golfo: where to go for a day trip

Despite all my declarations that I need relaxed beach vacations, after couple days on a beach I am getting crazy. I need few days to recharge my little battery. After it is time to explore surrounds. Same happened in Sicily. We had stayed for two days on our long beach and then took our rented car, opened a map and journey started.

We didn’t want make long trips so we limited ourselves with one-hour drive. Even within this small area there are lots of interesting places to visit and beaches to explore.

One evening, actually, it was the evening of my birthday, we skipped dinner in our hotel and headed to the closed big town to Castellammare del Golfo, Alcamo. The idea was to go to a restaurant, very recommended by TripAdvisor. However, it was closed since some time, so we had my festive dinner in a pizzeria on a main square. Well, the view was really good!

1. Main square of Alcamo. This ice-cream both, selling everything but not ice-cream, reminded me ones in Lisbon – dark wood, Art Deco decoration.

2. On this picture you realise that you are, indeed, on Sicily. Groups of men, discussing football, politics, bets. Where are their women? At home, of course.

3. The Church of Jesus or Church of College of Jesuits. This catholic church was built in 17th century and is the second large church in Alcamo. The colonnade on the right belongs to the Ex Jesuits’ College. Nowadays it hosts  the representative house of the town, of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alcamo, the Museum of Ethnomusical Instruments and the Civic Library. 

4. A pedestrian street just in front of the square. I couldn’t say that at the end of May the town was full of people and all restaurants were pre-booked. Although, a bar down this street was completely full so people were seating even on stairs of the street.

5. The Castle of Counts of Modica (Catello dei conti de Modica).

6. Typical street of Alcamo. Oh, these balconies with drying cloth. It is so typical for South Italy and gave the charm to its little towns. Not too say that they are very picturesque. 

Terrasini is another town on a coast in Palermo province. It is only 37 km from the capital of the island, Palermo and even closer to its international airport. I am talking here about Terrasini. However, to be honest, we didn’t even entered the town. You may wonder why we drove 36 km and lost our way several times in order to get here. The answer is simple – food. No, good food. Don’t forget, it was my birthday so we wanted to have something special. Well, I already got a gift from the sea – an unrecognised marine animal or insect had bit me right in a foot. So I wanted to compensate it with something more pleasant. A good restaurant with a nice view could be a right excuse from the universe.

7. The rocky shore of Terrasini. The coast is formed of rocks of different periods and it looks like a huge layer-cake.

8. The sea made lots of creeks and caves in these rocks. It must be very interesting to discover them and the sea world from a boat.


10. The birthday girl. 

11. This is the reason why we drove almost 40 km. The restaurant and lounge bar iClub.  Situated in the middle of nowhere, it has well-organised infrastructure and perfect service. Not speaking about the ideal view on the sea and rocks.

We were the only visitors of the place in the middle of the week. Although, the chef cooked perfect Sicilian pasta, served delicious started and marvellous deserts. The staff was busy with preparation for the first night party of the season. However, it didn’t impact the service we got. In this place I felt myself like really being on vacations. The reason is that all three important components of the rest came together in this place: hot sunny weather, sea nearby, good food and wine, silence, absence of crowds and plenty of time for myself.

I’d love to come back to iClub in a high season for a party. The place with such great ambiance can’t host boring parties!


12. My little one was so exacted about swimming pool, so I could persuade her to finish her starter and pasta in a second. 

13. This wine is, probably, the best findings of the year. Light, fresh, fruity and aromatic – what else do I need to accompany my lunch? I was desperately searching for it in Taormina’s airport but no result. Now I really consider to order it via internet. If you are on the island and you are amateur of good wine please visit this winery.  

14. Meanwhile on streets of Terassini.

Zingano Natural Reserve and Scoppelo village was just few kilometres away from our hotel. With no reason behind we postponed it until the very last day on the coast. However, it is worth to visit and spend a day here. Especially if you like walking and trekking in the wild Nature.

15. Scopello coast. Apparently, this coast is well-known for its wild small beaches.  I believe, the best access to them you may get from the sea. If you are lucky owner of a boat driving licence or just planning your vacations in this part of the island you should consider renting a boat and discovering all those tiny empty beaches with crystal clear water.

16. Cala Mazzo di Sciacca is one of those numerous beaches in the area, where you may get access from the mainland by car.

17. This one was with rocks and pebbles. It is not the best beach for kids unless they have special swimming shoes. But don’t be upset, there are a lot of others with soft white sand and turquoise water. 

San Vito Lo Capo village is one of the most popular beach area on the west coast of the island. It is close to Trapani, has wide long sandy beach and located in a bay, which guarantees calm and warm water.

18. The Monk mount. From a particular angle the rock resembles a figure of a praying person. 

19. The Rocks of Zingano Natural Park. 

20. San Vito lo Capo’s beach. It is very long and wide, well equipped and, as a downside, very crowded. For families with children it is, probably, a good compromise between little villages and empty beaches of Scopello and busy Trapani. 

21. It was almost end of the day in a low season when we arrived here. Although, almost all umbrellas and chaise longues were taken. 

22. Street merchants were also very active and tried to sell us everything from scarfs and sunglasses to hats and swimming costumes.23. I bought one hat made of straw which served me well in Russia, on Canary islands, during my trip to Bourgogne and to Normandie.


25. On the other side of San Vito lo Capo peninsula, Macari village.

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