Spring weekend in Normandie

I go to Normandie several times a year so I am lucky to learn all seasons. French people joke that Normandie is a champion for the number of rainy days, that is why people from this region do not smile and are always dull. However, every time I am here I have some sun. Even if the sunny weather is being changed by storm and heavy clouds in the very next second.

1.Usually we go to Normandie for the Easter weekend to search chocolate bunnies and eggs and enjoy first warm days.

After all chocolate bunnies are eaten it is time for a walk. Just to keep ourselves in good shape. Last year we chose so called Green Path (Chemin Vert). This promenade was made in place of the ancient train line, which connected towns Eu and Dieppe in the past. Nowadays the rails were removed and the road is used by cyclists and amateurs of nordic walking.

2.Spring is coming.

3.Ancient railroad station.

4.It was warm and sunny and we  almost forgot that it was only end of March. 

5.Do you understand now why Normandie is the greenest French region?

6.Symbol of the region. Normandie produces worldwide known Camembert cheese, Neufchatel cheese in a shape of a heart and is a leader in production of dairy products in France.

7.On the route. Typical Normand architecture. Most of buildings in the region are built of the sort of pebbles or limestone.

8.Mers-les-Bains and its caramel houses. Technically, it is not Normanie. The village is on another shore of Bresle (La Bresle) river and belongs to the Somme department in Picardie region. But who cares when it comes to nice promenade follows by a dinner with oysters and Aligote. 

9.During the low sea there are people here and there on the coast searching for crabs, little shrimps and mussels. 


11.Just a perfect sunset.


13.Here we go, my plate of oysters. 

14.The next day we went to the flea market in a village nearby. It is pretty popular in France to organise flea markets throughout a year. The days are even published in all local newspapers.

15.In such places you may both find rare objects or leave it without empty hands. 



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