Bourgeois Berlin

Let me be honest. In 2015 I visited Berlin for the first time in my life. Yes, I was waiting when I turned 33 to visit the city. The city of multiple cultures, the city of long and difficult history, the german version of Babylon. I was very excited and read a lot of blogs, travel notes and recommendations of other travellers. So many places to visit, so many restaurants and bars to go. At the end, we did it in out own way – no rush, no plan. Every morning we woke up and discussed what we would like to visit today, which quarter to discover, in which bar to end the end the day.

Since it was my first visit I decided to stay in a very bourgeois Mitte district, few steps from Gendarmenmarkt.

1.Let the journey begin!

2.French cathedral (Französischer Dom). Very impressive building with richly decorated dome tower.

3.Just in front of the French Dome there is a concert hall of Berlin, an example of neoclassical architecture. Both the French Dome and the Concert hall create respectable ambiance of the place.


5.Neighborhood. It was mid of September and it was still warm and sunny. The terraces were still open and it was great pleasure to take a place with the view and watch people passing by with a glass of wine in my hand. 



8.Signs of the fall, the yellow leaves 


10.I could feel this Indian summer ambiance and how the Nature tried to prolong summer days. 

11.Berlin is very eclectic. It has neoclassics and constructivism styles successfully living next to each other. 

12.Slowly we arrived to Berlin’s Dom which is located on Museum island. 


14.It was very warm even for the mid of September and people just enjoyed these summer days. Look at these cyclists, who made a pause on the lawn, or a guy, finishing his lunch. 

15.Students, tourists, beggars and gipsies are all together.

16.I am sure the view from the city boat is very picturesque. 

17.Meanwhile, we are back to Gandarmenmarket.

18.Glass of wine or local beer, warm blanket and good company – what else do we need to spend time before dinner? 



21.Someone takes beer, someone prefers Aperolspritz. 

22.In such classic place I am for classic white wine. 

23.Here is a part of my lunch in one of the days, strawberry grog. It was served in Lutter&Wegner restaurant, located just in front of the Dome. I can’t say that my lunch experience was something exceptional. I can’t say wow, although, it is still nice to go and seat next to grannies and grandpas who have come here for Sunday lunch probably for last 30 years. 

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