A sunny stroll in Berlin

The next day, Friday, I walked a lot. It is pity I didn’t have my FitBit watch to track my day and the number of kilometres I made. I swore, there were a lot! We left hotel with no particular goal, just some ideas what would be great to visit. At the end of the day our itinerary was as follows: Gandarmenmarkt – Checkpoint Charlie – Museum’s island – Alexanderplatz – Kollwitzkiez quarter – back to Mitte. Let’s go?

1.Checkpoint Charlie. No need for introduction. Probably, the most visited place in Berlin so far.

2.Memories from the past. 


4.In the area. Since the city was destroyed in WWII all buildings were rebuilt from the scratch. Therefore there are many Soviet style cubic facades. 


6.Little break.

7.I didn’t take the tourist bus this time. Although, I believe such bus is a great opportunity to see as much as you can during a short stay in a city. 

8.Back to Museums’ island and Berliner Dom. 

9.A scene on a crossroad.

10.A water tower (Wasserturn) in Kolwitzkiez quarter. There is a park nearby with super view on the quarter and the Alexanderplatz.

11.Neighborehood. Very green, quiet and calm.

12. I wonder what is inside this building nowadays?

13.I couldn’t believe that just few kilometres away there were cubic Soviet buildings, tourist crowds, traffic and noise. This area seems to be so cozy. Just look at those pots with geranium. I can almost see a granny who carefully watering them every morning and removed dry leaves. 


15.Wochenmarkt Kollwitzplatz. It is pity that at the time I was there the market was close. Every Thursday from noon to 7 p.m. there is Organic Market and every Saturday from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. there is Farmers market. This place is ranked as top-10 markets in Berlin. No wonder, as you may not only buy some handmade stuff but take a cup of coffee with a slice of homemade cake on a Kolle, the Berlin’s longest bench.  

16.Neighborehood is packed with restaurants of all types and for all budgets. It was lunchtime so we search for a place to make a pause. Chinese? Nope, probably, next time. 

17.Berlin’s cuisine? Why not? Especially if there is a free table on this sunny terrace. 

18.After the lunch we continued discovering the quarter. The right place for digestive 🙂

19.Then we went up on Knaackstrasse to KulturBrauerie, the ancient brewery transformed into an art and entertainment complex. No surprise that the neighbourhood is packed with little restaurants, indi shops, art studios and yoga centres.

20.Working hard.

21.Those colourful houses are gathered together on Oderberger strasse. If you are somewhere nearby just pass by this colourful area.



24.Aren’t they lovely these little gardens ?

25.Facades, again. Sorry, I can’t stop making photos of facades.

26.What should be a pleasure to take a morning cup of coffee on such balcony, surrounded by flowers and to watch how the city slowly wakes up.

27.We are no on busy Kastanienalle (Chestnut alley). I would say that the area around Kastanienalle and Oderberger strasse is the most vibrant, vivid and full of new ideas, businesses, young people in Berlin. I had an impression that at nighttime it is even more vibrant and crazy. Berlin never sleeps, indeed!


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