Cycling in Berlin

When I woke up on Saturday morning I realised that the day would be ideal for cycling. We rented bikes at the reception in our hotel and came out of the building with the intention to explore the city by bike. I had no exact idea where to go so we just headed towards museum island. On Saturday morning there were even more people on the lawn in front of the Dom than it was yesterday, Friday. If you are in Berlin during the weekend than you may combine the sightseeing tour and a bit of shopping at a flea market at Bode Museum. The antique and book market is located at Museum Island and belongs to the smaller flea markets in Berlin. Since 1992 every Saturday and Sunday about 60 traders offer antiques, books and all kind of second hand stuff.


We made our way through a crowded street of the flea market towards Reichstag. Usually it is very difficult to force myself to wake up early in the morning. Although on trips I prefer to get up as early as possible and go out of my hotel to enjoy empty streets, birds songs in parks, runners occasionally passing by and city cleaning services finishing their night job. This is the time when you may smell vanila flavour of pastries and freshly brewed coffee from a cafe at the corner. Frankly speaking I didn’t wake up that early that time. Although it was sunny Saturday, Berliners didn’t hurry to their offices and enjoyed their breakfast at sunny terraces instead. So did I. 🙂


3. Crossing a bridge between Museum Iseland and Mitte.


5. It took just few minutes by bicycle to get from Bode Museum to Reichstag building.

6.The Reichstag builing.

7.Meanwhile a storm cloud was getting closer and closer.


9. The storm forced us to search for a shelter. Fortunately it was a lunch time so we could easily find a place in a nice restaurant. Keyser Soze Berlin is also located  in Mitte district but on another side of the river. They have wide selection of lunch options either typically German or European ones. And, of course, beer. 

After the lunch the group split: boys went for an after lunch beer pause and girls biked to Europe Center shopping area. If you have time for shopping I do recommend you to go to the Europe Center shopping moll as there are lots of mass market brands. If you are more for unique style and independent designers there is another shopping center – Bikini Berlin – which is just in front of the Europe Center. So you may (you should) combine both!

10. During the weekend I also had some time to discover a bit of Kreuzberg district, also called X-Berg. It starts at the Checkpoint Charlie and borders Mitte district on the north and continues to the Tempelhof feld on the south. Apparently this district has the highest immigrant rate among all Berliner’s districts. It is also known for its punk rock movement and you easily find great clubs offering concerts all week long.

10. On the streets on X-Berg.

From the Checkpoint Charlie and the Topography of Terror museum we passed by the Park am Gleisdreieck, built on a site of an ancient railroad hub. Nowadays it is green and modern place for Berliners with excellent landscape design and well-organised areas for children, skaters, joggers, volleyball players, piсniс lovers and sport enthusiasts.

11.Viktoria Park is just across the street from the Park am Gleisdreieck. Although, you will need to make an effort to go uphill if you want to get a stunning panoramic view on the city centre. 

12.Neo-Gothic Saint Bonifatius church which was build in 1906-1907. Pretty young for a church, isn’t it? 

13.We continued our way to the city centre but run in to a huge queue. All those people were patiently waiting 2+ hours for their turn to order a kebab. Kebab, guys! Apparently, this tiny and ordinary kebab kiosk offers the best kebab in the house. I wasn’t hungry so we just passed by. Although, I put the address in my notes. Enjoy: Mustafa’s Gemuse Kebab.  

14.Berlin is also famous for its street art and murals. At my next visit to the city I will save one day to visit all murals of Berlin. Meanwhile, there are few of them on my photos and even more on the web-site of Awesomeberlin, where all must-see-murals are indicated on the map.



17.A bit of street art and graffiti. Some of them, like this pixel robot, is made by a well-known French artist Invader (or his followers). 

18. Meanwhile we arrived to the starting point of our trip, Mitte district and the Checkpoint Charlie. It was time to head slowly to the airport so we made our last coffee pause for the day in WestBerlin cafe next to the Checkpoint Charlie. With a big piece of tasty carrot cake in my stomach it was easier to say “See you next time, Berlin, I will be back!”. 

19.Inside of WestBerlin cafe. 

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