My Michelin dinning experience at Maison Lameloise

Last summer we had great experience with the dining in 3-star Michelin restaurant in Burgundy. I strongly believe that the time when you travel just to see well-known sightseeings is over. Nowadays we travel for new emotions and experience. Therefore there are so many offers on the travel market of so-called alternative tourism, such as agro tours, eco tours, wine tours, gastro tours, yoga retreats, sport camps for adults, marathons and triathlons for amateurs. Those are just the most popular ones which came to mind straight forward.

Therefore I had no doubts what to offer as a gift to my spouse for his birthday. An idea of gastronomic experience in a great place was very logical and I knew he would love it. So, I had to find a place. If you are looking for something exceptional then go directly to Relais&Chateaux, a website which gathers luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants all around the world. This is the way I found the Maison Lameloise and Eric Pras’ restaurant in Burgundy.

1.The hotel is situated in the centre of Chagny village, in the middle of Burgundy and is an ideal location for a trip to its vineyards. The hotel and the restaurant are in the building of the former post office of 15th century, with typical French ceilings, sculpted wooden staircases, vaulted rooms and antique furniture. It is indeed one of Burgundy’s architectural treasures. The restaurant was open in 1921 and got its first Michelin start already in 1926. The second start was added in 1931. Although, in 1932 it was de-classified to one star again. It got the second star back only in 1974, and the third one in 1979 and again in 2007. 

2.The interior of the restaurant is careful and gentle combination of modern comfort and traditional design.

Photo credit to Maison Lameloise


Photo credit to Maison Lameloise

4.The cuisine of the chef, Eric Pras, is based on traditional recipes and local products, although re-considered and modernised. Eric Pras got the prestigious title of the Best Craftsman of France in 2004. In 2008, at the age of 36, he joined Jacques Lameloise, the ancient chef of the Maison. In 2009 Jacques Lameloise, at the age of 62, retired and left the place of the chef to Eric Pras. Now he writes his own story of the restaurant. His motto, and it has become a philosophy of the cuisine is “Tradition is an innovation!”.

Photo credit to Maison Lameloise

5.Famous dessert of mango and passion fruit embedded in to caramelised tube. 

Photo credit to Maison Lameloise

6.Starters, each is a masterpiece

Photo credit to Maison Lameloise

7.Us, full and happy! I chose season menu (Menu de l’instant) and my spouse went for a degustation menu. We trusted sommelier and he selected wine for each plate. I only regret that I didn’t ask him to select red wine for my fish as I prefer reds to whites. Anyway, his choice was excellent and wine paired plates in the best way possible. 

8.Little terrace of the hotel and the centre of the village. 


10.The symbol of France, a rooster. 

11.View from our room to the courtyard. Guests of the restaurant are served with aperitif on this terrace. 

12.The room. Every day we got new compliments from chef in the room.

13.Interior of a standard room.

14.Bathroom essentials. 

Do I recommend the hotel and the restaurant? Definitely! If you plan a trip to Burgundy include the restaurant of Eric Pras in to your itinerary, you will get great dining experience!

Some useful addresses and tips:

Maison Lameloise hotel & restaurant you may book your room and a table at the restaurant directly with the hotel. If you plan an event, such a birthday dinner or surprise, you should indicate it in the reservation. I mentioned that we were gonna have a birthday dinner so the staff served a birthday cake with candles at the end of the dinner which was absolutely unexpected and therefore, very pleasant. We also got a description of the menu and the wines we had during the dinner.

Relais & Chateaux I use this website when I want to get something exceptional and luxury. They have partners all around the world and you may even find some special offers and promotions.

Pierre & Jean a little brother of the Maison Lameloise, located just the next door and offers more affordable menu.

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