50 shades of green: all about Normandy in few photos

Still thinking about a destination for a long weekend break in May? I strongly recommend to consider north of France, Brittany or Normandy for this time of the year.

Do you know that people living in the north, beyond the Arctic Circle, where white landscape is a norm for 11 months per year, so those nations may recognise more than 50 types of snow? Since snow is the only their environment and every day their lives depend on it, they learnt, generations ago, every state of snow and what consequences it may have on their living conditions. But why do I talk about snow now? Because I believe that in Normandy people have learnt all about shades of green. The region is considered as the greenest region in France and it is not exaggeration. Look at the photos below – in combination of constantly changing sunlight, clouds and sea water you may count more than 50 shades of green!

1.In the middle of June poppy flowers were everywhere. 

2.At law tide one can walk along the white rocks and collect crawfish and shellfish for one’s dinner.

3.The sea has it’s turquoise colour thanks to the limestone nature of the coast. 

4.Green, greener the greenest!

5.I am sure caws are happy to live in this herb paradise.


7.Who is happy? I am happy!

8.Lost in the brushwood. 

9.With a blow of wind grass comes to life and green waves run along the hills. 

10.Wild and beautiful!

11.Linen field.

12.Typical house for the High Normandy. 

13.After exploring a green ocean it is highly recommended to take the rest and end the day near to the blue ocean, with a glass of wine and seagulls’ screams in the sky above.



16.Because the very next day the Nature can surprise you with the significant drop of the temperature and thick heavy fog…

17…Which can be replaced by the rainy clouds and freezing wind. 

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