9+ things to do in Togliatti at summer time

Togliatti is definitely not on the most popular tourist route. Compare to the towns of Russian Golden Ring it is very young and there is no ancient architecture and history. It was built in 50s of XX century as a prototype of an ideal city for modern Soviet people. The approach the government had to the style of the city was very practical: it had to serve the needs of one million people who would come from all parts of Soviet Union.

Fortunately, the government decided to built a city on a shore of Volga river close to the Samarskaya Luka Natural Park and Reserve. The Nature is the main asset of Togliatti. So, let’s see, what Togliatti may offer tourists at summer time.

I. Walking along Volga river

1.The shore line is very long and it may take easily a whole day to walk along. You will cross forests and prairie, villages and areas with summer cottages, as inhabitants prefer to live in their own summer houses at summer time.

2.The left bank of Volga has pretty high bluffs.

3.The width of Volga in this area is about 10 km. Sometimes even storms are happened.



6.At sunset light.

7.This area lies after the power station therefore the width of the river is smaller and the shore is easy and flat. 

II. Dacha and Banya

8.Dacha is the national entertainment in Russia. Almost all families have their own summer house, called “dacha”, there they spend summer and grow berries, fruits and vegetables.

9.Usually it has a garden from 6 to 10 arcs and a decent house.

10.BBQ at night is another pleasure of dacha life.

11.Well, when we are talking about dacha we mean also “Banya”. This is another national obsession and the way to be in good health. Here is our experience about Russian sauna. 

III. Ferry boat to the National Reserve and Park “Samarskaya Luka”

12.At summer time the ferry connects Togliatti and some villages on the other side of Volga on a territory of the Natural Reserve and Park. This is a great opportunity to discover the Park and see all the mysterious places, like this one for example. 

IV. Biking

13.As the distance is pretty big I advise you to rent a bike and discover the area by it. More about bike rides in this post. You may even bike at winter time.

V. Gastronomy experience and testing new cafes and restaurants. And bars.

14.There were many new places opened in Togliatti recently. We tasted them all and we approved! For instance, this one is called Koko bar. Very very good eatery with good selection of beer from small breweries. 

15.My cold tomato soup, black burger and the cottage cheese pancakes.

16.Another place is called CacaoMama.

17.And another cold soup, traditional one at summer time, called Okroshka. 

18.The beach club on the shore. Very nice and cosy place. Although, the service is below expectations. 

19.Anyway, for a hot summer day it is a nice place. 

VI. Roller coaster in Funny Park

20.If you travel with children you should come to Funny Park in Autozavod district. 

21.The view on the city from the bellevue wheel. 

VII. Graffiti tour and discovering of Soviet architecture

22.The local artists got some areas in the city to paint and make graffiti of any style. Some of them are pretty nice. The architecture can be also interesting especially if you are not familiar with Soviet cubism and Soviet Modern style. Some examples are here


VIII. Endless trekking in the forest

25.Walking, trekking, biking, making bbq – everything is possible in Togliatti forest. It is located right in the middle of the city between Volga and two districts: Avtozavod and Central ones. So the forest is a part of their daily life.


27.The forest is my love forever and this is a reason why I come back to Togliatti every year.

IX. Beaches

28.If there is a river then there will be for sure some beaches. The one on the picture below is called ants beach as it has the flat bottom and you may walk hundred meters to get the water on the level of your waist. 



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