Boat and bike trip to Samarskaya Luka National Park

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts summer is the best time to explore the nearby areas of Togliatti. Thanks God, there are many interesting places to visit. Of course you may take a car (although beware of difficulties related to the renting a car – I don’t even know if there is any rent-a-car agency in Togliatti), so you will move faster and may see more places in one day. However, if you want to enjoy the Nature – and this is your goal, right? – I advise to rent bikes. There is no problem with bike rentals in Togliatti. The city is called an automotive capital of Russia thanks to AutoVaz. However, I would call it a cycling capital, as everybody in the city has a bike, there are thousands of people cycling in the evening in the forest or along the Volga, some people, like my father, even bike to the office or dacha. So the cycling is the truly in the blood of inhabitants since the birth.

Once you have your bike I advise you to take a ferry boat to the right bank of Volga, the route Avtozavod – Berezovka – Usolye – Avtozavod. It circulates twice a day every day during summer time. Just don’t miss the last ferry, otherwise it will take ages to come back to the city. Do you have your ticket? Then welcome onboard!

1.View on Avtozavodsky district of Togliatti

2.The boat is somewhere on the middle of the river. Two big pillars belong to a high voltage power line, which connects hydroelectric power station with the rest of the country. 

3.The boat enters waters of Usa river which inflows in to Volga.

4.The boat has arrived to Berezovka village. The locals are waiting for the embankment with their baskets and buckets full of berries which they will sell on the main market in Togliatti. 

5.You can barely see the other side of Volga.

6.Berezovka village from Grunya’s hill. According to a legend the hill was named after a beautiful girl Grunya, who refused to marry a rich merchant from the village and was forced to suicided by jumping in Volga from the hill. 


8.Grunya’s hill. 

9.We continue our trip and arrive to other side of Berezovka village. A field with sunflowers is the perfect place for a spontaneous photo session. 



12.The river on the back is not Volga, but its smaller sister, called Usa. The beach, thanks to its soft white sand, is called Golden Sands. 

13.We are taking our lunch break with the great view on the river. 

14.Now it is time to cycle to another village, called Usol’ye, where we will take our ferry to Togliatti. 

15.Those wild flowers of prairie smell amazingly. I have never seen such strong odor in Europe.  


17.Cycling under July sun was pretty difficult as the temperature outside was about 45 degrees.

18.Finally we arrived to Usol’ye port (in fact, there is no port at all).


20.Few hours and we are on a boat on our way back to Togliatti. 

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