Diamond of German Moselle valley: Bernkastel-Kues

Last Saturday I made a very spontaneous  visit to a lovely tiny village in German Moselle region – Bernkastel-Kues. Moselle valley is famous for its picturesque hills covered with vineyards. Although it is also famous for fairytale style villages both in Germany and France. I stated with Bernkastel-Kues as it was only one hour drive from my home and it is very small so I could easily visit it during the afternoon. So, in one hour we left our car on a parking spot just et the entrance to the village and strolled along the river to the centre.

1.I strongly recommend to take the stroll along the river as you may observe the green hills with vineyards, decoration of houses on both sides of the river and feed the geese who always gather nearby hoping to get some leftovers.

2.Villa with the top view on the Moselle river and vineyards.

3.Just 10 minutes of relaxed walk and you are on a bridge and few steps from the fairytale.


5.Here you go, the main square of the village. You see now, it is indeed tiny!

6.Althogh I spent an hour here just walking from one house to another and trying to memorise every detail of those richly decorated facades. 

7.The house is tiny at the ground floor but expanding itself at the roof level. I guess there was a tax for property in the past which was calculated based on the basement of a house. So expansion of the house to the top was a kind of tax evasion. 

8.Whichever angle you take a photo will be just perfect. 



11.The details mean everything when it comes to facade decoration: colourful windows, faces of animals, shape of wooden rafters, colour of flowers in the pots. 


13.I would love to receive a postcard from such lovely village.

14.As you may see not all houses are built at the same time and are the same style. However, they match each other perfectly. Is the secret in same height or width? 


16.Another square and vineyards as a background. 

17.Those people know how to enjoy the life. 

18.On the streets. The village is so popular that this restaurant has put three rows of tables on its terrace. 


20.This restaurant belongs to a hotel and a bit less noisy as it is few meters away from the centre. 



23.It is easily to understand that we are in a wine region as vines are used even to decorate streets. 


25.Cafes and restaurants are everywhere. Although be careful: as the place is very touristic it takes time to find a good quality food.




29.Look at the wall of the house behind the fountain. There are marks of all inundations and the most recent one was in 2011.



32.Signs are beautiful and very elaborated. 

33.You may ask: “what about souvenirs?” Well, if postcard is not enough there are such lovely ladies made in German pin-up style.

34.Want something useful? Serviette for table cleaning should be good enough.

35.Speaking about wine. Since we are in the wine region then all shops offer various wine as a gift or memory. I strongly recommend you do not buy the wine in those gift shops as the quality is not good. Instead, please visit some wine producers which are just nearby and taste their wine before buying a pig in a poke. 


37.If you have time you may take a boat trip along the Moselle river. Usually there are several options, such as simple trip for couple hours, visit with lunch or dinner or even visit of other nearby villages. You may even take a boat in Luxembourg in Grevenmacher town on Moselle river and come to Bernkastel-Kues by boat. Although, the trip takes the entire day. 

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