Walsdorf trekking route

Indian summer is my favorite season for trekking. Usually, once the weather forecast is good, we select one trekking trail out of 200, available in Luxembourg, and go to explore the country side. There are trails from 5 to 30 km, although we select no more than 15km, as with kids it can be real adventure. The trekking trail of Walsdorf was selected exactly based on this criteria: no more than 15km, picturesque area, fields and the forest, areas for making picnics.

1.The starting point of the hiking route was a crossroad near the church in Walsdorf village. After a short walk through the village,  we descended along the “Igelsbaach” down to the “Housterbaach” valley, which we crossed in the forest. 

2.The forest path is very calm and picturesque. 3.

4.The autumn had already touched trees so they were coloured in to yellow, orange and brown shades. 

5.Surprisingly, we found lots of mushrooms. It is pity I am not a specialist in mushrooms, otherwise we could have had good risotto with mushrooms for dinner that weekend. 


7.The path gradually returned to the high plateau between the villages of Walsdorf and Brandenburg, characterized by an open field and arable land.


9.From this point we enjoyed the view over the whole area. At good weather the visibility extends far beyond national boundaries. 


11.In the further course the path then led over well-walked, shady forest path down to the village of Brandenburg. 

12.Afterwards we continued on forest trails along the “Millebaach” up to the high plateau and from there down to the valley of “Houschterbaach”. Here, the path made a small loop, then finally backed up to the starting point of the walk at the church in Walsdorf.

13. 12 km in total, it took us about 4 hours to finish the trail with a child of 3 y.o. If you are in a good shape and walk on your own you can easily finish the trail within 3 hours. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are 200 hiking trails in Luxembourg. So far we have done 2o maximum. So, there is area for improvement. Especially taking in to account easy navigation, beautiful landscapes and interesting historical sports on each trail.

Very useful website in planning your tour is SigNord website where you can choose an area, a trail and then get the GPS coordinates of it. Although, it gives details of the trails on the North of the country only.

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