Discovering the Valley Of Seven Castles in Luxembourg: Ansembourg Castle

Although Luxembourg is a small country, the number of castles it has on its territory is impressive: there are more than 50 castles and picturesque villages. Most of the castles have been restored to their former beauty and it is very easy to organise a castle tour to discover the rich historic past of the country. I visited recently the Grand Chateau D’Ansembourg. The castle is a part of picturesque trail called “Valley of Seven Castles”. The castle is privately owned and we couldn’t enter the master house. However, its picturesque French gardens are open to public and we spent couple hours walking in labyrinths and arcades.

1.The Grand Chateau d’Ansembourg is, actually, the second castle in the Ansembourg village. The first one was built on a hill approximately the same period when the village was founded (the first mentioning of the village is dated 1135).The Grand Ansembourg Castle is the second one and the newest one. Its construction only started in 1639 as a master house for a rich Belgian metallurgist. His successors made the house bigger by constructing two wings and created beautiful French gardens.

2.Nowadays the castle is owned by a Japanese association, but it has obligations to keep it open to public, restore and maintain the building so beauty of the castle doesn’t fade away. The castle, just like other seven castles from the famous area called “the seven castles valley”, is under protection of the government of Luxembourg and is the European heritage. 

3.This is the castle’s courtyard. The gardens are open every day from 9 am to sunset, unless there is a private event when the castle and its gardens can be closed to public.

4.The lawns and labyrinths are framed by a wild forest which just highlights their beauty.


6.On the top level there are roses and other garden flowers. Thanks to them the gardens blossom from April to late October. 

7.We visited the gardens at the beginning of October and some trees had already lost their leaves. It was in contrast with roses and delphiniums which were still in blossom.


9.The main alley which goes through the gardens and leads to the main entrance. 

10.After the level with rosarium and flowers the next level gives visitors freedom of movement and possibility to observe Japanese сarps in two oval ponds. The fishes are huge, lazy and almost jump out of water when one comes too close to the border. 

11.As I’ve said, gardens are open to public. People come here to have picnics at summer days, make romantic photo shootings or just enjoy mother Nature.

12.The next level is a gallery of ancient Renaissance-style sculptures. 

13.Dark clouds and almost leafless forest add a bit of drama to the picture. 



16.Not the entire castle has been renovated. As you may see only the right wing has been restored. Although, the view from the gardens is splendid. 

17.Soon the forest turns in to deep red, purple and orange. The view is never the same and each seasons has its beauty. 


19.A triton in a fountain gurgles monotonously and it brings peace and drowsiness to the place. 



22.A hidden alley.

23.There are several view points from the alley to the castle and gardens. This is the best view for your instagram picture, too. 



26.A lady on the photo below brought food to carps. She also explained us that they had to feed fish several times per day!

27.The castle has it own vegetable garden where you can see all types of vegetables, from white and purple cabbage to pumpkins, beetroot, zucchini and tomatoes. 

Just to sum upp: The Grand Chateau d’Ansembourg is very lovely, quiet and peaceful place not far from Luxembourg city. It is good spot to visit as a part of “The Seven Castles Valley” route or as a pause in between some other activities (we came here just after picking up apples on the apple farm in Steinsel village an then headed to Philharmonic in the city to enjoy musical performance.

If you like hikking you may also like the hikking trail of 37 km long, called Seven Castles Valley. You may download here the itinerary and the map of the trail.

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